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CWI med term Chapter 17 combining form

acr/o- extremity; highest point
addict/o- surrender to; be controlled by
affect/o- state of mind; mood; to have an influence on
agor/a- open area or space
amnes/o- forgetfulness
anxi/o- fear; worry
arachn/o- spider; spider web
aut/o- self
behav/o- activity; manner of acting
cid/o- killing
claustr/o- enclosed space
cognit/o- thinking
compuls/o- drive or compel
copr/o- feces; stool
delus/o- false belief
depend/o- to hang onto
depress/o- press down
emot/o- emotion
factiti/o- artificial; contrived
hallucin/o- imagined perception
hedon/o- pleasure
hom/i- man
hypn/o- sleep
klept/o- to steal
ment/o- mind
neur/o- nerve
obsess/o- besieged by thoughts
ophidi/o- snake
oppos/o- forceful resistance
path/o- disease; suffering
ped/o- child
phil/o- attraction to; fondness for
phob/o- fear; avoidance
phren/o- mind
psych/o- mind
pyr/o- fire
rap/o- to seize and drag away
schiz/o- split
sex/o- sex
soci/o- human beings; community
somat/o- body
stress/o- disturbing stimulus
su/i- self
thanat/o- death
therapeut/o- treatment
thym/o- thymus; rage
toler/o- to become accustomed to
toxic/o- poison; toxin
xen/o- foreign
Created by: Kirkbauer