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Asian Religions Quiz 1

confucius who was an...lived around.. aristocrat...500 bc
confucuius was raised by a...and becomes a... single mom...political leader
confucius then... abondons the political life to becomes a teacher w/ students who follow him
confucius is unlike..because... lao tzu...he thinks its ok to have follows of him
the problem with confucionism is disorder
order is found via..which... jen and li..always go to gether
jen is virtue/love/morals
li is pattern/ritual
5 patterns in life are considered..and are... hierarchical relationships (feudal)...father-son, older bro-younger, husband-wife, any older-any younger, ruler-subject
the five patterns also have to do with filial piety
the ideal person in confucionism is called the...and is someone who has achieved... superior man...harmony and fulfilment in this life
after confucius there was mencius and hsun tzu
mencius died in...and he taught a... 289 bc...clearer set of doctrine for human moral nature
mencius taught that humans are intrinsically and morally good
mencius said that evil comes from negative environmental influences like the gov
mencius said that everyone has the right to..but that there should be... revolt the government...a strong government for protection (opp of tao)
hsun tzu died in...and he believed that.... 238 bc...intrinsicially evil with no right to revolt
hsun tzu believed the gov protected you from yourself
hsun tzu did not believe in...and his version of confucionism is the spirits...dominant version (100bc-1912ad)
confucionism became...and confucius very popular...god w/ temples
in...there was a...and religiong was a.. 1949...marxit government...major enemy of the state
during the marxist era, there was was a fear o foreign things (religion is foreign)
the marxist gov supports feudalism
in..there was a... 1966...cultural revolution
in..what happend...which meant... 1976..mao ze dong died...christianity could excist in china w/ renouncement of outside leadership
confucionism has syncrotistic holidays
problem for hindu ignorance
problem for buddhism desire
problem for taoism pride
problem for confucionism disorder
Created by: handrzej
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