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Chapter 2 Phleb Book

Ket terms and points in chapter 2

Communication is broken down into what 4 major components Verbal, non verbal, listening, and written communication
Nearly half of the adult population struggle with what Health Literacy. They do not have adequate knowledge of health issues based on their written, spoken, or conceptual knowledge.
What are the 4 generations Veterans/traditionalists (born prior to 1940), Boomers (Born mid 1940's-1964), Generation xers (born 1965-1981), Millenials/Internet generation Y (Born 1982-2000)
Define Pace Rate of speed and urgency of the voice
Define tone pitch of the voice ranging from high to low
Define Volume refers to the loudness of the voice ranging from a whisper to a shout
STAT Emergency
What is the NFB national federation of the blind
What are the other terms that can be used instead of 'blind' visually impaired, low vision, or sightless
Blind People who need alternative techniques to do the same tasks that a sighted person can do normally
Define Braille traditional writing system for sightless individuals and consists of patterns of raised dots read by touch
Define zone of comfort area of space around a patient that is private territory
What are the four zones of interpersonal space Intimate space (direct contact up to 18 inches) Personal space (18 inches to 4 feet) Social space (4 feet to 12 feet) Public space (more than 12 feet)
Define culture a system of values, beliefs, and practices that stem from one's concept of reality.
What is active listening paying undivided, complete attention to the speaker by concentrating on the verbal message, observing his or her non verbal language and offering appropriate feedback.
What is the most important role of the phlebotomist patient indentification
What should be done if the patient doesn't have an armband alert the nurse in charge and explain that you cannot perform a draw without and armband. never draw a patient without an armband
What is a requisition form the means by which laboratory tests are requested. Can be manual method, semi automated method, or automated method.
What is a STAT requisition a verbal request for a specific procedure.
What must be included when when submitting a lab test request patient identification information, patients's gender, DOB, or age, and name of physician ordering test
Define bar code light and dark bands that relate to specific alphanumeric symbols
Define radio frequency identification (RFID) Silicon chips that transmit data to a wireless receiver
Define delta checks QC that allows for detection of clinically significant changes in lab results
What is a critical value result a test result that may be life threatening and must be reported immediately to the patient's physician
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