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Chapter 1 Phleb book

Terms and key points in chapter 1

Define Phlebotomy Incision of a vein for blood collection
Lab analyses of specimens are used for what 3 important purposes? Diagnostic testting (to figure out what is wrong with the patient) Therapeutic Assessments (to develop the appropriate therapy or treatment of the medical condition) Monitoring (making sure the therapy or treatment is working to alleviate the illness)
Define POC (Point of Care) Areas where lab testing is performed. Patient's bedside, mobile sites, or in the home.
Examples of acute care are hospitals with short term stays, urgent care centers.
Examples of long term care are nursing homes, hospital based clinics, urban or rural hospitals
Define POL Physician's Office Laboratory
Define Ambulatory Care Patients are not as critical and can be treated at mobile sites such as, mobile vans, rehab centers, school-based clinics, and prison clinics.
Define Clinical Pathology Area of the lab where blood and other types of body fluids and tissues and analyzed. (Urine, CSF, Sputum, Gastric secretions, synovial fluid)
Define Anatomical Pathology Area of the lab where where autopsies, histologic, cytologic, procedures are utilized for tissue and fluid specimens and surgical biopsy tissues and analyzed.
Peexamination process (preanalytical phase) Part of the lab process that occurs from the time the tests are ordered, through the time the specimens are delivered/transported to the lab.
Examination (Analytical phase) Testing
Post Examination (post analytical phase) What happens after testing (reporting results, storing specimens appropriately, and obtaining info needed for follow up testing)
FDA Food and drug administration.
CMS Centers for medicare and medicaid services
OSHA Occupational safety and health administration
DOT Department of transportation
CLIA 1988 Clinical laboratory improvement amendments of 1988
CLSI Clinical laboratory standards institute
Define standards of practice procedural guidelines set by governmental, accreditation, certification agencies, professional organizations, and/or manufacturing and equipment requirements,
What are waived tests tests that are easiest to perform, the least susceptible to error, and the least risky to patients.
What are tests of moderate complexity tests that are simple to perform but may involve more risk to the patient if results are inaccurate.
What are tests of high complexity tests that are complex to perform and may allow for reasonable risk of harm to the patient is results are inaccurate.
Define CE Continuing education.
NPA National phlebotomy association
ASCLS American society for clinical laboratory science
AMT American medical technologies
NAACLS National accrediting agency for clinical laboratory services
ASCP american society for clinical pathology
ASPT american society of phlebotomy technicians
NHA National health career association
NCCT National Center for competency testing
ACA american certification agency
Define Professionalism the skill, competence, or character expected of an individual in a trained profession.
What are some clinical duties of phlebotomists Identify patients, asses patients prior to blood collection, performing punctures, labeling blood specimen tubes
What are some technical duties of phlebotomists manipulating small objects, selecting and using appropriate equipment, preparing and processing sample for testing
What are some clerical duties of phlebotomists Answering phones, demonstrate courtesy in all patients interactions, and respect privacy and confidentiality.
What are PPEs Personal protective equipment
Give some examples of external stakeholders local community, insurance companies, employers, state and federal agencies
Give some examples of internal stakeholders impatients, outpatients, and blood donors, patient's families, secretaries and other staff, students and volunteers
Define CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) concept of meeting and exceeding customer expectations by solving immediate problems and improving where problems do not exist.
Define nonsocomial infections hospital acquired diseases
What types of patients should be monitored for excessive blood loss neonates, patients with poor prognoses, and patient who are being tested frequently
Define QC (Quality Control) measures and functions of everyday practice in clinical laboratories to make the testing process more accurate and precise
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