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Chapter 7: Ethnicity

White Book

Who has been discriminated against more recently? Muslims
Which are the biggest two ethnicities? Hispanic and African American
What are two scales in which an ethnicity can be clustered? Regional concentrations or ethnicities in neighborhood within cities
Where are hispanics mainly clustered? The southwest in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas
Where are african americans mainly clustered? The southeast in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland and South Carolina
Why are african americans mainly clustered in the south? That's where the most agriculture was
Where are asian americans mainly clustered? The west in California
Where are american indians mainly clustered? The southwest and plain states
If in cities why are hispanics and african americans clustered in urban areas? Has a lot of job oppurtunities like in Detroit, Michigan or New York
Why were people from Europe attracted to midwest cities?? After the industrial revolution people moved for jobs
What were 3 major African American migration flows? Forced - slavery, Immigration - went to the north, Immigration - to ghettos; plus a 4 which was from north back to south mainly for jobs in Houston, Memphis, Atlanta, Charlotte
What is the route for the triangular slave trade? From Africa bringing clothes to Caribbean Islands taking molasses to Europe bring gold along back to Africa
After the Emacipation Proclamation being issued, why did the slaves become sharecroppers and not go anywhere else? They became sharecroppers because they didn't know how to do anything else but farm
Why did sharecropping become less common during the 20th century? Machinery took over in supply for the war
In immigration to the north where did people go? East - South Carolina to Philly, Baltimore and New York; East Cen. - Alabama and Tennessee to Detroit or Cleveland; West Cen. - from Mississippi and Tennessee to Chicago; Southwest - from Texas to California
What is the difference between Africa American and Black? African American is cultural and Black is a race because it's about skin tone
What is the separate but equal doctrine? A doctrine saying that it's okay to separate as long as you keep the two races equal
The "separate but equal" doctrine was legally established by what? Plessy v. Ferguson
What caused the white flight and how did it happen? The Brown v. Board of Education felt it unconstitutional for them to be separate and the caused the whites to move out because the blacks were moving into their neighborhoods. Whites moved out of detroit
What was the conflict between the Faeroe islands and Greenland?
What are examples of multiethnic states? Yugoslavia and the US
What is an example of a multinational state? UK with 4 main nationalities including Wales, northern Ireland, Scotland and England
What made Belarus and Ukraine similar? Both became distinct because of isolation
Where are the nationalities in Russia clustered? On the border or in the center
Where is Caucasus and what are the 3 major ethnicities? Between the Black Sea and the Caspian sea, home to azeris, armenians and georgians
Why is there conflict in Caucasus? They turned it into communist ruling and forcibly ended disputes but when they broke up conflicts became armed disputes
What was the issue in Azerbaijan? Fought with Armenians over land inside of Azerbaijan
What is an example of a revival of ethnic identity? East Europe
Why was yugoslavia, the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia dismantled? Minority was tired of being dominated
What was the conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia? Religion
What happened in Sudan? There has been several civil wars between the Arabs and Muslims
What is the conflict in Somalia? Clans
What's the conflict in Lebanon? Severely damaged by fighting and there is 60% muslims and 39% Christians
Who are the Druze? People who consider themselves separate and do things in secret
What is an example of an ethnic clash? India and Pakistan
Where has ethnic cleansing occurred in Europe? Yugoslavia to rid of an entire ethnicity
What caused the destruction of Yugoslavia? When Tito died and rivalries resurfaced leading to a break up
Who tried to ethnically cleanse the Bosnian Muslims? The Bosnian Serbs to much of their land had Bosnian Muslim majority
Who tried to cleanse the Armenians? Serbians in Kosovo
Where was the ethnic cleansing in Cen. Africa? Rwanda
What was the most important unit in Africa called? Tribes
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