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Chp 7 Ethnicity WB

what is ethnicity its a source of pride to a person a link to ancestors that share a culture background
what is race ? identitiy with a group of ppl who share a biological ancestor
what does ethnicity stand for in a population local diversity
what are the two most numerous ethnicites in the US Hispanic and African American
Where are the hispanics clustred in the SW Arizona, New mexico, Texas, california, florida
What state has the most hispanic population New mexico and Texas
Who chose the term hispanic ? the US gov. for spanish speakinf countries
Where are the african clustred in the us in the SE Alambama georgia etc
Where are most africans clustred in what state mississippi
why are africans clustred in the south ? slavery
where are there no africans upper west , new england
where are the asians clustred in the us in the west mostly in hawaii and most in california
where are the american indians found in the SW and plains
what areas are hipanics and blacks found in ? urban areas
why are hispanics and blacks clustred in urban areas ? jobs
what cities are hispanics found in northern cities like new york
what city is mostly black detroit,
where do hispanics take up the population in california LA
where do hispanics take up in texas ? san antonio and el paso
What cities attrected ethnic groups from europe to work ? chicago cleveland and detroit
where are the blacks found in LA south central
where are the hispanics found in LA east
where are the asians found in LA south and west
what are the 3 migration flows that shaped the blacks ? forced migration as slaves, immigration from south to north and migration from ghetto to urban and countermigration from N to S
How did forced migration with slaves start pppl living on the east and west coast took advantage of weapons and sold ppl to europe
Where did the portuguese get the slaves angola and muzambique to brazil
where did europe get slaves liberea and the congo went to carribean and s america
What was the triangular slave trade ships from europe left with goods to africa for slaves went to islands carried goods back to europe
what was the rectangular trade moalsess carribean rum europe
how did slaves survie with the share crop system
Where did the east coast take ppl from cali and other alantic states to north like NY
Where did the east centrail take ppl from alabama and tennesse to detroit
where did west central take ppl from mississippi to tennesee and chicago
where did the south west take ppl from texas to cali
what were the 2 main waves of blacks moving to the north before and after WW1
when did blacks move to the ghettos in the 50 and 60s
what are the 3 major ethnic groups in the us black hispanic and asian
is asian a race or ehtnicity both
is hispanic a race or ethnicity ethnicity
qis african american race or ethnicnicty ehnciity
what law did louisiana make that started segergation the seprate but equal law
what ended the segregation the brown vs board of edu.
what did the whites do after segregation was removed fled
what is the white flight the immigrating of white to an are because of blacks coming in
red lining is not lending money to specific ppl
what is the south afircan policy apartheid- physical sepraration of diffrent races into diffrent geographic area
what did the afrikaners do ? resit to form over gov to ensure whit population
what happened to nelson mandela was relased out of jail and became first black president
what is nationality is identity with a group of ppl who share legal attachment to a country
what is a nation a culturally defined a group of ppl with a shared past in a specific place
what is a nation state a state whose territorty corresponds that turned into a nationallity everyone has the same nationallity
why have ethnic groups turrn into nation-states for self rule
what is an example of a nation state ? denmark
what are the two territories that arent danich in denmark the faerue islands and greenland
What happened in europe with the nation states germany was made up of nation-states until russia forced neighbors to join the persions empire nazis tried combing all german speaking states into one
what is nationalism the loyalty and devotion to your nationality
how is nationalism showned by symbols
How can nationalism have a negative impact by making negative images of other nation states (centrifigual)
what is a centripetal force a force that bring peopel together
what is a centrifugal force a force spreading ppl apart
what are multinational states more than one nation in them and agree to respect each other
what is a multyiethnic state contains more than one ethnicity
multistate is a nation in more than one state ethipoia and eritera
staeless is a nationallity dosent have a state like the kurds or the palestine
what are the 4 nationalites in the UK england scotland, N ireland and wales
what was the former largest multinational state soviet union with 15 ethnicites
what are the 5 groups of the soviet union baltic european and central asia
what are the 3 baltic states estonia lithuania and lativa
which of the baltic states was more of a nation state lithuania then estonia then lativa
what religions are the 3 baltic states estonia-protestan lithuania- catholic lativa-lutheran and catholic
what are the 3 european states belarus, moldova, ukraine
which of the 3 european state is more of a nation state belarus then modava and then ukraine
how did belarus and ukraine becaome diffrent isolated from the main body of the slavs beause of the mongolian invasionand influenced non-slavic
how is modlava diffrent part of roamnia but conqured by the soviet then went independent and back to roman ways
what is the current biggest nation state russia with 39 nationalites
where are the nation states clustred in russia along the borders with neighboring states o in the center
why is there more independent movement ? russia wont stop anyone
who are the checen sunni muslims that are a prob to russia for independece
what is the caucasus region between the black and caspian sea home to the azeris,armenians and gerogians
why are there probs in azerbaijan after th SU broke up the west part seprated from the rest
what are the probs in armenia where killed by turks and went to war with azerbaijan for nagorno - karabaks
whats an enclave region within a country that is not the same ethncity as the surronding country
whats exclave a part of a country completley isolated from its countrys main part
where has there been revial of ethnic identity eastern europe in soviet union-russia yuogslavia- serdb czesovachia -czechs
where did the clash of ethopia and eritera occur and why in the horn of africa clash because of religion with the ehtopian christians and etiera muslims
whi is the clash in sudan in the south and west and east about between the arab muslim and the black christian in the south black muslim in the west
what is the clash in somalia after dictaorship ended many clans were clmaing spots claming somiland in the N putlandi in the NE gulmudus in the center and sw suadi in the south
what is the ethnic competition in Lebanon between religion between christian maronites in the west sunni NW shite in the S E
What is the conflict in the multistate of pakistan and india Between the Hindui and Muslim over Kastire
What is the prob between in sir lanka in habited by the sinhalese and Tamil with Sinhalese controlled everything
what is ehtnic cleasing process of removing less powerful groups and keeping the most powerful one
where is ethnic cleasing happening in Europe anf Africa
Where does ethnic cleasing happen in Europe baltic pennisula bosnia hezegovian and kosovo
What were the 7 neighbors yugoslavia had austria,greece, and italy, albania, bulgaria, hungary and romanina
what ere the 6 republics in yugoslavia bosnia and herezegoviana craoatia macedonia montennegro serbia slovenia
what where the 5 nationalites in yuogslavia croats macedonian montenegros serbs and slovenes
what where the 4 languages croatian macedone serbian and sloves
what where the 3 religons catholic, isam and orthidox
what were the 2 offical languages croats and slovene
when did yuogslavia end after tito death
whi was cleasin who in kosovo and why ? serbs cleasing out eh albaniasn
who was cleasing who in bosnia the serbs and croats cleasing out the bosnia muslims
what is balkanized a small geographic area that could not be made into one or more stabled states
what is balkanization process which a state breaks down through conflicts amoung its ethnicites
why is there probs in cental africa the boundires
Created by: BB2424
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