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Lesson 4

The top chambers of the heart are called what? Right and Left Atrium
The bottom chambers of the heart are called what? Right and Left Ventricle
The Largest artery of the hearty is? What kind of blood does it pump and to where? Aorta
What can clog the arteries of the heart? What is it made of? Plaque. Plaque is made of cholesterol that sticks to the wall of the artery.
What is Atherosclerosis? It is the medical condition of Plaque clogging an artery and causing the heart to receive less oxygen
What is Myocardial Ischemia? When cardiac oxygen supply and demand are different. Meaning the heart uses more oxygen that it gets. This results in the death of the tissue.
What is the difference between Angioplasty and bypass surgery? A thin wire with a balloon wrapped around it is inserted in the artery clogged with Plaque. The balloon is inflated to push the Plaque up against the walls of the artery to open it up for more blood flow.Bypass surgery is an artery from another part of th
One cycle of CPR consists of? Consists of thirty chest compressions with arms in a 90% angle and the heel of the hand in the center of the sternum oush two inches deep on an adult at the pace of 100 compressions per minute followed by two rescue breaths
How many inches do you push in on an adult's chest when giving compressions 2 inches
Where do you place the heel of your hand when giving chest compressions? Sternum
What is the purpose of CPR? it is to save someones life in case the are harmed from there body for there life.
Created by: brownce