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CCA Practice Questio

Practice Questions

Which of the following organizations is responsible for updating the procedure classification of ICD-9-CM? Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
At which level of the classification system are the most specific ICD-0-CM codes found? Sub-classification codes
What are five-digit ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes referred to as? Sub-classification codes
What are four-digit ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes referred to as? Sub-category codes
Which of the following ICD-9-CM codes are always alphanumeric? V Codes: Always alphanumeric. Easy to identify because they begin with the alpha character V and follow with numeric digits.
Which of the following ICD-9-CM codes classify environmental events and circumstances as the cause of an injury, poisoning, or other adverse effect? E Codes: Provide a means to describe environmental events, circumstances, and conditions as the cause of injury, poisoning, and other adverse effects.
Which volume of ICD-9-CM contains the Tabular and Alphabetic Index of procedures? Volume 3
Which of the following is a standard terminology used to code medical procedures and services? CPT: A comprehensive descriptive listing of terms and codes for reporting diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and medical services.
If a patient has an excision of a malignant lesion of the skin, the CPT code is determined by the body area from which the excision occurs and which of the following? Diameter of the lesion as well as the most narrow margins required to adequately excise the lesion described in the operative report
According to CPT, a repair of a laceration that includes retention sutures would be considered what type of closure? Complex - includes the repair of wounds requiring more than layered closure, viz., scar revision, debridement,extensive undermining, stents or retention sutures.
A pt. is admitted with spotting. She had been treated two weeks previously for a miscarriage with sepsis. The sepsis had resolved. She is treated with aspiration dilation and curettage. Products of conception found. Principal diagnosis is? Miscarriage: Subsequent admissions for retained products of conception following a spontaneous or legally induced abortion are assigned the appropriate code from category 634, Spontaneous abortion, 635, Legally induced abortion, with a fifth digit of "I".
Created by: Laura Duncan