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Rabbi My Lord
qad indeed
ātaytanī you have given me
min of
l-mul'ki the sovereignty
waallamtanī and taught me
tawīli the interpretation
l-ahādīthi of the events
fātira Creator
l-samāwāti (of) the heavens
wal-ardi and the earth
anta You
waliyyī (are) my Protector
fi in
l-dun'yā the world
wal-ākhirati and the Hereafter
tawaffanī Cause me to die
mus'liman (as) a Muslim
wa-alhiq'nī and join me
bil-sālihīna with the righteous
dhālika That
min (is) from
anbāi the news
l-ghaybi (of) the unseen
nūḥīhi which We reveal
ilayka To you
wamā And not
kunta you were
ladayhim with them
idh when
ajmaʿū they put together
amrahum their plan
wahum while they
yamkurūna (were) plotting
wamā And not
aktharu most
l-nāsi (of) the mankind
ḥaraṣta you desire
bimu'minīna (will be) believers
muttakiīna Reclining
ʿalā on
furushin Couches
baṭāinuhā (whose) inner linings
min (are) of
is'tabraqin brocade
wajanā and (the) fruit
l-janatayni (of) both the gardens
dānin (is) near
fabi-ayyi So which
ālāi (of the) favors
rabbikumā (of) your Lord
tukadhibāni will you both deny
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