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W His 11

Imperialism A strong nation seeks to dominate a weaker nation politically, economically, or socially
Racism The belief that one race is superior to others
Social Darwinism Theory that evolution and natural selection were applied to human society-survival of the fittest
Berlin Conference 1884-1885 Competition for the conquest of land was so fierce that 14 European nations meet in Berlin to set down rules for the division of Africa
Shaka Zulu chief, used highly disciplined warriors and good military organization to create a large central state in Africa-kept control of African land in Zulu hands
Boer (Africaners) Dutch settlers that are farmers
Boer War South African War- between British and Boers (Dutch settlers)-first modern total war
Paternalism Europeans governed people in a parental way by providing for their needs but not giving them rights
Assimilation Policy in which a nation forces or encourages a subject people to adopt its institutions and customs
Menelik II Ethiopian leader who succeeded in resisting European colonization
Geopolitics An interest in or taking of land for its strategic location or products
Crimean War War where the combined forces of the Ottoman Empire, Britain and France defeated Russia
Suez Canal Human made waterway that cuts through the Isthmus of Suez and connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea
Sepoy An Indian soldier serving under British or other European orders.
"Jewel in the Crown" Refers to India under British rule. India was Britain's colony during Victorian Era and it provided much wealth and resources to the British hence the jewel. It was in the crown because it was considered part of the British Royal Empire or the crown.
Sepoy Mutiny Caused by cartridge for Enfield rifle were wrapped in paper, which was coated in a grease made from pig and cow fat, which would be highly offensive to Muslims and Hindus. Conflict over the new rifle cartridges sparked the uprising in 1857
Raj The period of British rule over India from 1757 until 1947
Pacific Rim
King Mongkut
Emilio Aguinaldo Filipino naturalist leader who fought against US colonization of the Philippine Islands
Queen Liliuokalani Hawaiian ruler who tried to restore the political power of Hawaiians
Great Trek 1830's-Boers move north to escape British, but end up fighting Zulu and other African groups whose land they were taking
Direct Control
Indirect Control
Berlin Conference
Ray Mohun Roy
Muhammad Ali
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