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New Terms

Medical Terminology - Adding

-abrasion scraping of
acromi/o acromion process
act/o, act/i rays
acu- sharp
adnex/o accessory
aer/o air
af- toward
agglutin/o clumping
agora- marketplace
al/i, al/o wing
-alysis breaking down
amel/o enamel
amphi- both
annul/o annulus, ring
-apheresis removal
apic/o pointed extremity, apex
-arche beginning
atlant/o 1st cervical vertebra (atlas) (C1)
axi/o axial, axis bone (2nd cervical vertebra) (C2)
azyg/o without a yoke
bin- two
-blast embyonic, immature
blast/o embryonic, immature
brom/o odor, stench
bulb/o globe
canalicul/o canaliculus, little canal
canth/o canthus (corner of the eye)
cata- down
-ceps heads
chron/o time
chyl/o lymph
cili/o tiny hairs
cistern/o box, cistern
cleid/o clavicle (collarbone)
-clysis washing
coll/o neck
con- together
corac/o coracoid process of the scapula
corrug/o wrinkled
cox/o coxa (hip)
crepit/o crackling
cret/o to grow
-crit to separate, separating
cuboid/o cuboid bone,box-shaped
cubit/o elbow, forearm
cune/o cuneiform bone
cusp/o point, cusp
delt/o triangle, deltoid muscle
dendr/o dendrite, tree
densit/o density
dist/o far
dynam/o power
ef- away from
-emphraxis obstructing, crushing
-emulsification breaking down
epiplo/o omentum
-esthetica feeling, sensation
exanthemat/o rash
-exeresis tearing out
-exia condition
extern/o outer
fer/o to bear, carry
-ferous pertaining to carrying
fetish/o charm
fissur/o deep cleft or grove
fluor/o to flow, flowing
foramin/o hole, foramen
-form shape
fornic/o arched structure, fornix
foss/o hollow, depression
fren/o frenulum (of lip and tongue)
fund/o fundus (base, bottom)
-geneic pertaining to produced by
-genesis production, origin
-genic pertaining to produced by
-genous pertaining to originating from
gen/u knee
ger/o old age
germ/i sprout
glen/o glenoid cavity (arm socket)
glute/o gluteus (buttocks)
gnath/o jaw, entire
-gnosis state of knowledge
gon/o seed
-grade flow
gryph/o curved
helic/o helix, coil
hydatid/i water drop
hypn/o sleep
-iacal pertaining to abnormal condition
-iasis condition, presence of
-icle small, tiny
-igo condition
indur/o to make hard
ischem/o hold back
-ismus spasm
-kine movement
-kinesis movement
-kinin movement substance
kyph/o roundback
-lalia condition of babbling
log/o study
-logous pertaining to origin
lun/o moon
lys/o breakdown, dissolve
-lytic pertaining to breaking down
mal- bad, por
medull/o medulla, inner portion
mer/o thigh
mesenter/o mesentery, midgut
mi/o to close, constrict
-mileusis carving
mitochondri/o mitochondria
mol/o molar
morb/o disease
mucos/o mucus
mur/o wall
my/o muscle, to shut
mydr/o dilation
myometri/o muscle layer of the uterus
myos/o muscle
myx/o mucus
navicul/o navicular bone
nev/o nevus, birthmark
nid/o nest
-noia condition of mind
nos/o diseas
nulli- none
nyctal/o night
occlus/o to close, closing, a blockage
-ole small, tiny
-omatous pertaining to a tumor
omphal/o umbilicus (navel)
-one hormone, substance that forms
oneir/o dream
orex/o appetite
palid/o globus pallidum
palpebr/o eyelid
-pareunia intercourse
patul/o open
-pause stop, cease
pen/i penus
perimetri/o perimetrium, outer layer of uterus
perone/o fibula, lower lateral leg bone
phe/o dark
-philia condition of attraction
-phthisis wasting
-physis growth
plant/o sole of foot
-plastin forming substance
pleu/o pleura, membrane surrounding lungs
-plication fold, plica
-poietin forming substance
pollic/o pollex (thumb)
poplite/o back of knee
port/o gate
prax/o purposeful movement
pteryg/o wing
ptyal/o saliiva
rot/o wheel
-rrheic pertaining to discharge
rug/o rugae,ridge
-schisis split
schiz/o split
sequestr/o sequestrum (bone fragment)
serrat/o notched
-siderin iron substance
sin/o sinus, cavity
sinistr/o left
ster/o steroid
stiti/o space
stom/o an opening, a mouth
strom/o stroma (supportive tissue)
styl/o styloid process (temporal bone)
subor/i sweat
sulc/o sulcus, groove
sur/o calf
sympath/o to feel with
syn- together, joined
syndesm/o ligament (structure connecting bone)
synovi/o synovium
-synthesis bring together
tens/o stretching, pressure
terat/o deformity
thalass/o sea
thel/e nipple
till/o to pull
tinnit/o jingling
trabecul/o little beam
trachel/o uterine cervix
tract/o to pull, pulling, tract, pathway
-tresia condition of an opening
-tripter machine to crush
turbin/o turbinate bone
verm/o worm
vers/o to turn
-verse to turn
-version process of turning
vert/o turn
vesicul/o small sac, seminal vesicle, blister
vill/o vilus
vol/o volume
vulgar/o common
vuls/o to pull
Corpus The principal part of any organ; any mass or body.
Created by: Laura Duncan