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GRHS WH II Indus Rev

SOL 9a - 9d/ Industrial Revolution

Where did the Industrial Revolution begin? England
After beginning in England, where did the the Industrial Revolution spread? The rest of Western Europe and the United States
With the Industrial Revolution, came an increased demand for what? Raw materials
The Industrial Revolution brought with it an increased demand for raw materials from Africa, Asia and ???? the Americas
Advancements in ????? produced the Industrial Revolution technology
Eli Whitney invented the Cotton gin
James Hargreaves invented the Spinning Jenny
James Watt invented the Steam Engine
Henry Bessemer invented the process for the making steel
Who discovered the smallpox vaccination? Edward Jenner
Who discovered bacteria? Louis Pasteur
Rising economic powers wanted to control ????? ????? and markets throughout the world. raw materials
The Industrial Revolution originated in England because of its natural resources and the ???????? of the steam engine. invention
Did the Industrial Revolution cause the population to increase or decrease? increase
Did the Industrial Revolution increase or decrease the standard of living for many but not all? increase
Did the Industrial Revolution increase or decrease air quality? decrease
What fueled the Industrial Revolution? capitalism and market competition
Who wrote "The Communist Manifesto" ? Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx
Who was the author of "The Wealth of Nations"? Adam Smith
What two theories opposed capitalism? socialism and communism
One negative consequence of capitalism was ???? unequalled distribution of wealth
What did Otto Van Bismarck's policy of "realpolitik" state? Justify all means to achieve and hold power
How did the Enclosure Movement lead to industrialization? enclosed land forced many people to move from rural areas to the city looking for work
Which leader used guerrilla warfare to unite southern Italian states before turning them over to the king? Giuseppe Garibaldi
What type of labor kept costs of production low and profits high during this time of history? Child
Who exercised considerable control over the lives of their laborers? Owners of mines and factories
Did the cotton gin increase or decrease the demand for slave labor on American plantations? increase
The United States and ????? outlawed the slave trade and then slavery Britain
Workers organized ?????? ????? to fight for improved working conditions and worker's rights labor unions
The Industrial Revolution had a slight or significant impact on the structure and function of the family? significant
Industrial nations in ?????? needed natural resources and markets to expand their economies. Europe
European nations competed to ??????? Africa and Asia in order to secure their own economic and political success. control
What helped spread the economic, political and social philosophies of Europe throughout the world? Imperialism
Resistance to imperialism took many forms including..... armed conflict and intellectual movement
Forms of imperialism include.... colonies and protectorates
What is a protectorate? A state controlled and protected by another
What is communism? A system of government where everything belongs to the "community"; the government runs everything and it allocates all of the resources in the country
What is capitalism? An economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owner's for profit
Created by: Ronchima