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Religion Vocabulary

blessed trinity the three persons in one god: god the father god the son god the holy spirit
Jesus mission to share the life of god with all people and to save them from sin
Kindom of God the power of Gods love active in our lives and the world
Apostles men chosen by Jesus to share in his mission in a special way
Church all those who beleive in Jesus Christ have bee baptized in him and follow his teachings
liturgy the official public prayer of the Church
evangelization proclaming the Good News of Christ by what we say and do
Paschal Mystery Christs suffering, death, Ressurection from the dead, and Assention into Heaven
Last Judgement Jesus Christ coming at the end of time to judge all people
Corporal Works of Mercy Acts of love that help us care for the physical and material needs of others
Spirital Works of mercy acts of love that helps us care for the needs of peoples hearts, minds, and souls
sacrament an effective sign given to us by Jessus through which we share in Gods life
sanctifying grace the gift of sharing in Gods life that we recive in the sacrements
Christian Initiation the process of becoming a member of the Church through the sacraments of baptism confirmation and Eucharist
Common Vocation the call to holiness and evangelization that all Christians share
holiness sharing in Gods goodness and responding to his love by the way we live; our holiness comes through grace
Baptism the sacrament in whitch we are freed from sin, become children of God, and are welcomed into the Church
Incarnation the truth that the son of God became man
Salvation the forgivness of sins and the restoring of friendship with God
Prophet someone who speaks on the behalf of God, defends the truth, and works for justice
eternal life living with god forever
saints followers of Christ who lived lives of holiness on earth and now share in eternal life with god in heaven
catechumenate a period of formation of Christian initiation that includes prayer liturgy, religious instruction and service to othes
Sacred Chrism perfumed oil blessed by the bishop
gifts of the Holy Spirit wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord
Passover the feast on which Jewish People remember the miraculous way that God saved them from death and slavery in ancient Egypt
Eucharist the sacrament of the body and blood of Christ; Jesus is truly present under the appearances of bread and wine
sacrifice a gift offered to God by a priest in the name of all people
Real Prescence Jesus really and truly present in the Euchaist
Introductory rites the mass that unites us as a community; it prepares us to hear gods word and to celebrate the Euchaist
Liturgy of the Word the part of the mass in which we listen and respond to Gods Word
Liturgy of the Euchaist the pat of mass in which the death and Resurrection of Christ are made pesent
sacraments blessings, actions, and objects that help us respond to Gods grace received in the sacaments
conscience our ability to know the difference between good and bad
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