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W His 10

Suffrage Right to vote
Chartist movement In 19th century Britian, members of the working class demanded reforms in Parliament and in elections, including suffrage for all men
Queen Victoria Queen of England from 1837 to 1901 - 64 years
Third Republic Established in France after the downfall of Napoleon III and ended with the German occupation of France during WWII
Dreyfus affair Controversy in France in 1890's centering on the trial and imprisonment of a Jewish officer who had been falsely accused of selling military secrets to Germany
Zionism Movement founded in 1890's to promote Jewish self-determination and the establishment of a Jewish state in the ancient Jewish homeland
dominion A nation belonging to an Empire which is allowed to govern its own domestic affairs
Maori A member of a Polynesian people who settled in New Zealand around A.D. 800
Aborigine A member of any of the native poeples of Australia
Home rule Control over internal matters granted to the residents of a region by a ruling government
Irish Republican Army An unofficial nationalist military force seeking independence for Ireland from Great Britian
Manifest Destiny The right and duty of the United States to rule North America from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean
Abraham Lincoln 16th President of US, Pres. during Civil War
Secede To formally withdraw from an association or alliance
US Civil War Conflict between the Northern and Southern states of the United States over the issue of slavery
Emancipation Proclamation Declaration issued by Pres. Abrahan Lincoln in 1863, stating that all slaves in Confederate states were free
Segregation The legal or social separation of people of different races
Assembly line An arrangement in which a product is moved from worker to worker, with each person performing a single task in its manufacture
Charles Darwin man who developed theory that all forms of life, including human beings, evolved from earlier living forms that had existed millions of years ago
Theory of Evolution Species of plants and animals arise by means of a process of natural selection (survival of the fittest)
Radioactivity Form of energy released as atoms decay
Psychology Study of human mind and human behavior
Mass Culture Production of works of art and entertainment designed to appeal to a large audience
Penal colony Colony to which convicts are sent as an alternative to prison
In England in the early 1800's who had the right to vote? Men who owned large amounts of land
Reform Bill of 1832 Gave middle class English suffrage-right to vote
Who ran the British govern in the 1800's? Almost completely by the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Who formed the Women's Social and Political Union? Emmeline Pankhurst
Which group wins suffrage in Britian and Europe after WWII? Women
Anti-Semitism Prujudice against Jews, strongest in Europe
Durham Report Lord Durham recommends reuniting Upper and Lower Canada into one Province of Canada,British immigration should be encouraged, increase of British will allow French culture to blend with British, Canada should be allowed to govern their domestic matters
First prime minister of Canada John MacDonald
Captain who claims New Zealand for Britian. James Cook
Native people of New Zealand Moari
Gasden Purchase 1853, establishes current U.S. boundaries
Civil War Amendments 13-freed slaves, 14-made slaves citizens, 15- gave them right to vote
Transcontinental Railroad 1869, links east and west together, nearly 200,000 miles of track-allow quick movement of goods and raw materials
Discovered existence of bacteria Louis Pasteur
Discovered link between bacteria and infection problems Joseph Lister
Who's work became the science of genetics? Gregor Mendel
Who theorized that all matter is made of atoms? John Dalton
Created periodic table of elements Dmitri Mendeleev
Who discovered radioactive particles? Marie and Pierre Curie
Atoms have a nucleus surrounded by electrons Ernest Rutherford
Believed human actions actually unconscious reactions Ivan Pavlov
Studied mind, developed psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud
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