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Chinese Religions

Asian Religions Quiz 1

4 major eras of development for chinese religions include...which were not... 2000-1000 bc, 1000bc -1 ad, 1 ad-1000 ad and 1000 ad- present...mutually exclusive
beginning of chinese civilization around 1000 bc (writing, agriculture, military etc(
the 2000 bc- 1000bc era involved...and was mainly... many dynasties/kings (shang dynasty)...polytheistic with nature and spirits
in 1000bc-1ad there was great emphasis on ethics/moral codees
in 1 ad-1000 ad there was the development of buddhism (mahayana) sects in china
the 1 ad - 1000 ad era also saw taosim and confucionism popularity
the three religions competed for dominancy
1000ad - present saw the...where chinese viewed themselves as... synthesis of religions...part of all religions
traditional chinese culture was...and involved some... polytheistic...animism (spirits in natural objects)
chinese believed in...which are the... mid range spirits...shen and keui
shen is the type of spirit involved in prosperity/goodness (pos forces)
kuei is the type of spirit involved in evil/darkness (neg forces)
chinese woudl perform rituals (sacrifices) to gain shen and keep away kuei
chinese also believe in dynamic harmony between yin and yang
there is a bit of...and vis versa yin in yang
yang represents light, warmth, dryness, maleness and the sun
the yin represents dark, damp, female, earth and moon
filial piety is the devotion that anyone younger gives anyone older
old age is to be revered and respected in chinese socitey
often times there chinese houses that serve as... household alters...places of sacrifice etc for tokens to be givent o ancestral spirits who give saftey/prosperity in return
chinese also believe in..which is the... divination..unseen order embedded in everything
divination was predicting the future via rituals like boiling turtles shells
shang ti was in the...and was the god who... 2nd era...eforces ethical choices
shang ti was originaly associated with ...which was... shang dynasty..overtaken by cho dynasty
cho dynastic adopted shang ti
during the cho dynasty, rulers had to be accountable to shangi ti/moral code, not the peasants
tradtional chinese believed int he fuedal government
taoism is very paradoxical
taoism has...but involves... no gods...lao tzu in their myth
most philosophers actually believe lao tzu didnt exist, but its his story that is important
lao tzu functioned as the...during.. admin in cho dynasty...fuedal collapse
lao tzu decides to renounce corrupt world and leave ppost/society
when lao tzue tries to leave border, he gets stopped by a guard who makes him write down all of his intellecutual knowlegde
lao tzu is known as the old boy (paradoxical)
taoism believes in minimal government and social organization (except for family)
taoism has lots of... doctrine, experiences and ethics
taoism revolves around humbleness, annonimity, and oblivion
tao-te-ching was lao-tzu's doubtedness - book
tao-te-ching discusses ..which are... four principles...unnamable force of cosmos, life is greatest good, simplicity and pride
unnamable force of cosmos is named tao (force/essence w/ eternal motion)
pride is the problem with life
another form of taoism is...which is also called... popular taoism..religious taosim 1ad-present
popular taoism is very ritualistic unlike classical
popular taoism still believes in tao/simplicity vs pride
populare believed in... extended lives via alkalemy (transform things to gold and eat to live longer)
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