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Asian Religion Quiz1

hindu tradition began around 3000 bc
the name hindu was originally pejorative (negative, lesser worth/value)
hindus were originally the residents of...who were not... the indus river area (sindh)...muslim
the indus river civilization waas rather...including things like sophisticated for that time...brick homes, drainage/running water, agriculture, written lang, city layouts, granaries
around..the...migrated east to the indus river area 2000 bc...aryans
there are two theories about the aryans conquest theory and ecological theory
the conquest theory states that the aryans were an..that... advanced militarian society...took over the indus river civilization
the ecological theory states that...and... pre-aryans overworked the grounds...collapsed bec of famine
according to the ecological theory, the aryans were able to survive off the overworked land because they were nomads
during the...the aryans developed the...which have...and... formative period...vedas...four texts...with four parts to each text (16 total)
the vedas are considered the...and are more...than... backbone of hinduism...doctrinal ...ritual (although it included sacrifice)
what was the most important hindu sacrifice horse sacrifice to the fire god agni
the formative period was around 2000-180 bc
other hindue gods include indra and vrtra
indra is the god of lightening and order
vrtra is the god of chaos
hindues believe in...and there are... varnas...four varnas/classes
the four varnas in order are brahmin, kshatriya, vaishy, shudra
the brahmins were the priests
the kshatriya were warriors/kings
the vaishya were merchants
the shudra were slaves (conquered people)
which varnas were the twice born brahmins, kshatriya and vaishya
another hindu god is...who is the god of... varuna...morality/ethics
the things a hindu must do depend on their varna
the 4th section of each veda are the...which deal less with... upanishads...gods
the upanishads say the problem of life is ignorace and illusion
upanishads discuss...which is the... monism...opposite of polytheism
monism refers to a..which is called the... one-ness or one essence...brahman
the upanishads also bring up four terms..that are supposed to help one obtain... samsara, karma, dharma and moksha..enlightenment of brahman
samsara is the wondering of the soul from one life to the next (cycke)
karma is the sum total of ethical deeds
dhamra is one's..according to their... duties...varna
moksha is the..and is also the... unification w/ oneness...prerogative of brahman (experiential)
in the 500 bcs, there was a challange to the...via... formative era...buddhism and jainism
from people were actually... 300-180 bc...buddhists
buddhism and jainism challenged the importance of sacrifice
during this challenge to sacrifice, the word...came about which means... ahimsa...sacreddnes of all life
buddhism and jainism did not believe in varnas
jains were...which meands they denied radical ascetics...physical pleasure for spiritual enlightenment
hinduism overcame the challenges but ended with there became a... assimilation of the religions...moderation of sacrifice (ahimsa), respect for buddha as a god, respect for life
in 180 bc- 900 ad the...came about which included the... classical period of of manu
the law of manu is an ethical commentary for the twice born
according to the law of manu, every twice born male goes through 4 stages student, householder, hermit (isolated/contemplate) and beggar
also durnig the classical period, the...text appeared and was concerned with bhagavad gita..era of ancient civil warfare
the bhagavad gita is about...who was a...and also...who was his... arjuna...kshatriya warrior...krishna...charioteer
krishna is also known as...who is the god of... vishnu...compassion, joy love
in the bhagavad gita, krishna gives arjuna the message of his dharma
another text in the classical period is the puranas
the puranas deal with...including... many more gods and goddesses...brahma, vishnu, shiva (their goddesses in order are saraswati, lakshmi and parvati)
devi is the female aspect of the cosmos
trimurti literally means...and consists of.. three faces (brahman - oneness)...brahma, vishnu and shiva
brahma is the god of creation
vishnu is the god of preservation
shiva is the god of destruction
hindus believe sacred because of... cow..devi
the post classical period started around 900 ad - present
in the post classical period many...called...arose schools of thought...darshans
the darshans were basically...but believed in the.. atheistic...harmony/balance of spirit and matter and a final essence
the darshans also involved yoga
in the 16th century a new religious challenge arose to hinduism called sikhism and islam
islam was..with no... strictly monotheistic...brahman, images, sacred cows (but pigs were taboo)
during this new challenge to hinduism the.. portugese and english began to colonize parts of india (christian missionaries were banned though)
in the 1800's, india becomes an...and their original intent was... english but it turned out to be missionistic
the english were parental (the indians were immature)
during the post classical period, suttee was popular which was the death of the wife at the time of the death of the husband
hindu reformers include ram mohan roy and mohandas gandhi
ram mohan roy addressed social concerns and hindu nationalism/missionaries
hindu nationalism was about th sovereign or pure political nation
hindu missionary was vivekananda
in the post classical period, hindus came to the idea that...with the help of... all methods of religion lead to final essence of reality but that hinduism was the most clear...vivekanada
mohandas gandhi was a...and was employed in... lawyer...ahimsa (non violence)
mohandas gandhi spoke much about the...and said that... caste system (diff from varnas - 1000's of castes)...the untouchables should be treated humanely w dignity
major hindu holidays/rituals include kumbha mela, holi, dasehra, divali
kumbha mela is a...that... 12 year cycle..chagnes locations every 3 years
kumhba mela is when people order to... pilgrimage to the area...reenact things like bathing in the Ganges to celebrate life
holi occurs in...and is the... feb/march...spring celebration of fertility and destruction of demons
dasehra happens in...and is the celebration of... october...destruction of demons and there are parades
divali is in...and is the celebration of november..light (version of hannakuh)
on divali, the goddess...will... lakshmi...bring prosperity to homes lit with lamps
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