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Imperialism Vargo


One nation that extends its authority or influence over another country Imperialism
This country ruled over 1/4 of the land. Great Britain
Discovered Australia for G.B. and used limes and lemons on voyages Caption Cook
This was a prison colony for G.B. Australia
The native people of Australia Aborigines
The native people of New Zealand Maoris
This tiny Island of the Australian coast is prison colony of G.B and was named after 17th c Dutch Sea Captain Tasmania
British East India Co. defeated the French and the British forces were led by Robert Clives Battle of Plassy (1757)
India's people revolt against the British East India Company 1850s Sepoy Rebellion
1st Prime Minister of Canada John McDonald
The Orange Free State in Africa South Africa
Conflict between the Dutch vs the British over gold and diamonds in South Africa Boer War (1899 - 1902)
Manmade waterway Built in Egypt in 1869 connecting the Red and Mediterranean Sea Suez Canal
The last successful Calvary charge Battle of Omdurman (1898)
Charles Gordon was killed in this battle Battle of Khartoum (1883)
Mahdi Dervishes Mahdist Sudan Fighters
Britain and China fought over importation of narcotics. Opium War
Another name for Hawaii Sandwich Island
Scottish missionary who explored Africa and discovered the Kalahari Desert in Botswana David Livingstone
NY Herald Reporter who found Livingstone Henry Stanley
Discovered the source of the Nile in 1858 Jonathan Speke
He wrote "Heart of Darkness" Joseph Conrad
High tariffs on imported goods like grains Corn Laws
Ended the Opium War Treaty of Nanking
US Secretary John Hay wanted this in China during late 19th C Open Door Policy
Divided up Africa between European powers Berlin Congress
Spying and anti semitism of a French officer Dreyfus Affair
Written lies about some made publicly Libel
Wrote about the Dreyfus Affair J'accuse (I accuse) Emile Zola
War of the Roses was between these two families Lancasters vs. Yorks
Ended the War of the Roses Battle of Bosworth Field
"Barbarian subduing general" Shogun
"Way of the Gods" Shinto
"One who serves" Samari
"The way of the warrior" Bushito
"Japanese Nobel Class Daynio
Spirits of Nature Kami
3 main ideas of Japanese Co-Prosperity Sphere Industrialize, Militarize, and Imperialize
Teddy Roosevelt sent this to Japan in 1905 Great White Fleet
Annexation of Korea and renamed (Chosen) took place in 1910
This treaty gave Japan islands in 1919 Treaty of Versailles
Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on this day. Dec. 7, 1941
"Go west young man" Manifest Destiny
Issued a waring for European countries to stay out of the western hemisphere Monroe Doctrine
James Polk's War ended with Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo in 1848 Mexican War
This gave the US New Mexico & Arizona Gladsden Purchase
Know as Seward's Folly Purchase of Alaska
Last to rule Hawaii and overthrown by sugar growers Queen Liluokalani
This gave the US more territory in the west Treaty of Guadalupe
Spanish American War influenced by this letter DeLome Letter
Battle ship blown up in Havana Harbor Cuba USS Maine
Fought agains the US and part of the Moro tribe during the Philippine Insurrection Emilio Aguinaldo
Manmade seaway Built in 1914 between the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean Panama Canal
"Speak softly and carry a big stick" was an extension of the Monroe Doctrine Roosevelt Corollary
The Good Neighbor Policy Franklin Roosevelt
Known as the Napoleon of the West and Leader of the Mexican forces at the Alamo Santa Anna
Known as the Abraham Lincoln of Mexico and overthrew Maximillion Benito Juarez
Maker of Modern Mexico and was a President/Dictator between 1876 and 1911 Porfirio Diaz
Political Military leader Caudillos
US Sec of State devised this policy with China Open Door Policy
Teddy Roosevelts calvary was called Rough Riders
Lake Victoria is the source of this river Nile
Japan renamed this country Chosen Korea
Japanese industrial tycoon families such as Kawasaki and Mitsubishi Zaibatsu
Battles of Khartoum and Omdurman took place here Sudan
Japan renamed Manchukuo this Manchuria
US Naval Base in Cuba Guantanomo Bay
Won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906 Teddy Roosevelt
Island off the Australian cost named after a Dutch sea captain Dirk Hartog
Alfred Dreyfus was the only prisoner on this Island French Guiana (Devils Island)
The purchase of this territory is know as "Seward Folly" Alaska
Alfred Dreyfus was the only prisoner held on this prison colony of France Devils Island
Term for an area where a country has exclusive trade with another Sphere of Influence
Admiral who took the Phillippines for US Dewey
Established trade between Japan and the US Treaty of Kanagawa
American President who sent Perry to Japan Fillmore
In 1867 John MacDonald became first Prime Minister of this country Canada
Leader of the Philippine Insurrection against the US Aguinaldo
This erupted over cartridges being greased with cow and pig Sepoy Rebellion
Germany once controlled this country Bismarck Archipelago
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