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Political Geography

Political Geog. Vocab Devolution-Unitarialism

Political Geography Study of the political orginization of the world
Territoriality Attempt of an induvidual or group to affect, influence, or control people, phenomena, and relationships by delimiting and asserting control over a geographic area.
Sovereignty Having control over territory politically and Militarily. Expression of control and power over territory.
Territorial Integrity Soveriegn states defend their territory against incurison from other states.
Mercantilism Associated with the promotionof commercialism and trade.
Devolution Movement of power from the central government to regional governments within a state.
Territorial Representation The process of electing a representative from a territorially defined district.
Reapportionment Process of which districts are moved according to population shifts
Majority-Minority Districting Packed districts where a majority of the populationis from a minority.
Gerrymandering Redistricting for an advantage.
Boundary A vertical (imaginary) plane between states that cuts through rocks below and airspace above.
Geometric Boundaries Boundaries drawn using a grid system such as latitude and longitude, or township and range.
Physical-Political Boundaries follow an agreed upon feature in the physical geographiuc landscape.(EX. Lakes, Mountain ranges)
Heartland Theory Theory proposed by Halford Mackinder stating that the rise of a superpower would occur in the heartland of europe.
Unilatarialism One geopolitical world order with allies following instead of joining.
Supernational Orginization Seperate entitiy composed of three or more states that forge and associationabd form an adminstrative structure for economic beinfets.
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