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Path 21 Male Gens


most common testicular tumor in infants and children. AFP Yolk Sac Tumor
most common testicular tumor (positive for c-KIT). fried egg appearance Seminomas
most common form of testicular neoplasms in >60 men. Diffuse large B cell lymphoma. Aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphomas
most common cancer in men.Posterior peripheral zone. Hematogenous spread typically to axial skeleton (lumbar spine, prox femur, pelvis, t-spine, ribs).Most common tumor to secondarily involve prostate = Urothelial Cancer. Adenocarcinoma of the prostate
lymph in tunica vaginalis and found w/ elephantiasis Chylocele
hormonally silent testicular mass. Gray-white to yellow Sertoli Cell Tumors
golden brown and elaborate androgens. Testicular swelling. Leydig Cell Tumors
gray crusty plaque on the shaft of penis-> squamous cell carcinoma Bowen disease
multiple lesions due to HPV 16, no cancer risk Bowenoid papulosis
testicular germ cell tumor w high hCG. hemorrhage and necrosis and syncitiotrophoblasts Choriocarcinoma
Created by: Jakphooey