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EVMS microbiology

What virus is assoc. w/ intranuclear inclusions known as "owl eye" inclusions CMV
What virus is assoc. with Negri bodies Rabies Virus
What virus is assoc with Guarnieri bodies variola virus
what virus causes small, pink, benign wart-like tumors and is assoc with HIV Molluscum contagiosum
What viruses are associated with cervical carcinoma HPV 16 & 18
what virus binds to CD4 HIV
what virus binds to B2-microglobulin CMV
what virus binds to complement factor C3 EBV
what virus binds to ACh receptors Rabies
What is the only dsRNA virus Reovirus
what are the three non-enveloped RNA viruses Picorna, Calicivirus, Reovirus (PRC)
What viruses are assoc with Cowdry Type A intranuclear inclusions? Herpes I and II
What virus affects the motor neurons in the anterior horn Poliovirus
What is the most common cause of diarrhea in children Adenovirus
What virus lies dormant in the Trigeminal ganglia Herpes I
What virus lies dormant in the Dorsal root ganglia Varicella
What virus lies dormant in the sensory ganglia of S2 and S3 Herpes II
With what virus are Downey type II cells assoc EBV
What are the four segmented RNA viruse Bunyavirus (hantavirus), Orthomyxovirus (Influenza), Reovirus (rotovirus), Arenavirus (lassa)
Koilocytic cells on a Pap smear are indicative of what virus HPV
what bacteria constitute the most common cuse of nosocomial infections in burn patients and CF patients Pseudomonas
what organism is assoc with pneumonia acquired from air conditioners Legionella
what species of bacteria is asso with whooping cough Bordetella pertussis
what two bacteria are assoc with drinking unpasteurized milk? brucella, listeria (has tumbling motility)
what organism is assoc with gastritis and ulcers heliobacter pylori
what species of bacteria is assoc with traveler's diarrhea ETEC
with what organism is "currant jelly" sputum assoc Klebsiella pneumoniae (mucoid-appearing sputum)
What is the most common cause of enterocolitis Salmonella enteritidis
What organixm is so infective that it takes only 1 to 10 organisms to cause infection Shigella
what organism stains bipoar and causes buboes Yersinia pestis
Rice water stools are indicative of what organism vibrio cholerae
with what organism are intracellular gram-negative inclusions in neutrophils assoc Neisseria gonorrhea
what organism is most likely to cause an infection if you are bitten by a dog or cat pasteurella
what organism needs factor X and NAD in order to grow on growth medium HiB
What organism is assoc with a rigid belly and rose spots on the belly Salmonella Typhi
what will cause an infection if undercooked or raw seafood is eaten vibrio vulnificus
what infective baceria are found in undercooked hamburgers E. coli (O157H7)
What organism is said to have a "spaghetti and meatball arrangement under a microsope? malassezia furfur
what fungus is assoc with rose gardener's disease sporothrix shenckii
what fungus is seen as colored cauliflower lesions chromomycosis
what fungus is found in soil with bird or bat feces Histoplasma capsulatum
which organism causes San Joaquin fever coccidioides immitis
what fungus causes endocarditis in IV drug users Candida albicans
what fungus is found in pigeon droppings Cryptococcus neoformans
what fungus is seen as a yeast with broad-based buds and a double refractile cell wall blastomyces dermatitidis
what fungus is stained positive with india ink cryptococcus neoformans
what virus is the most common causative agent of the common cold in the summer and the fall Rhinovirus
to what family of viruses do denge, St. Louis, and yellow fever belong Flavivirus
what is the name of the bullet-shapted virus Rhabdovirus
what virus is responsible for causing the croup and also the comon cold in the young and the old parainfluenza virus
what is the causative agent of orchitis, parotitis, and pancreatitis Mumps
What virus causes hoof-and-mouth disease vesicular stomatitis virus
what is the most common cause of pneumonia in children 1 year old or younger Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)
what virus is teh most common cause of the common cold in the winter and early spring Coronavirus
what yeast is urease positive Cryptococcus neoformans
what fungus is a facultative intracellular parasite of the reticular endothelial system histoplasma capsulatum
what virus is helical and has HN and F glycoprotein spikes paramyxovirus
what is the most common cause of pneumonia in persons with underlying health problems klebsiella
what is the most common cause of pneumonia in young children mycoplasma
wha virus causes epidemic keratoconunctivitis adenovirus
what is the most common cold virus rhinovirus
what two viruses have neuraminidase activity Influenze, mumps
what is the most common cause of diarrhea in infants rotavirus
what is the reservoir or the togavirus birds
what two viruses cause pancreatitis mumps, coxsackie B40
with what two viruses are Reye's syndrome associated varicella virus, influenza virus
What is the most common cause of meningitis in children younger than 3 months Strep agalactiae or E. Coli
What is the most common cause of meningitis in non-immunized children 1-6 years old HiB
What is the most common cause of meningitis inimmunized children 12 months to 6 years old Strep pneumoniae
What is the most common cause of meningitis in military recruits neisseria meningitidis
What is the most common cause of meningitis in HIV+/immunocompromised persons Cryptococcus neoformans
What is the most common cause of meningitis in adults Strep pneumoniae
What is the most common cause of bronchiolitis in children RSV
what is the most common cause of urinary tract infections E. Coli
Which three organisms cause heterophilic negative mononucleosis CMS, Toxoplasma gondii, Listeria
what two genera are spore formers Clostridia, Bacillus
What bacteria are responsible for woolsorters' disease Bacillus anthracis
what is the most common cause of bacterial pneumonia Strep pnemoniae
what bacteria cause subacute endocarditis and dental caries Strep viridans
which two organisms can cause sulfur granules in the pus actinomyces, nocardia
what species of bacteria is responsible for causing endocarditis in IV drug users Staph epidermidis
what bacteria are responsible for food poisoning from rice, fried rice, and reheated foods Bacillus cereus
Which bacteria present as a common cause of meningitis in renal transplant patients listeria
What bacteria get inoculated into the body by a puncture wound in the skin and also inhibit glycine and GABA Clostridium tetani
What bacteria are found in poorly preserved canned food and cause flaccid paralysis clostridium botulinum
what bacteria cause myonecrosis clostridium perfringens
what bacteri cause pseudomembranous colitis clostridium difficile
what bacteria are assoc with food poisoning from ham, potato salad, and custards Staph aureus
what three bacteria are quellung reactive test positive Neisseria meningitidis, Haemophilus influenze, streptococcus pneumoniae
which organism causes a painful chancre Haemophilus ducreyi
what is the most common cause of viral pneumonia RSV
what is the predominant anaerobe in the colon Bacillus fragilis
Which organism causes trench mouth fusobacterium
which organism causes Weil's disase Leptospira
What organism causes Q fever Coxiella Burnetii
Which agent causes pneumonia in college students and military recruits Mycoplasma pneumonia
What is the tetrad of Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction Rigors, Leukopenia, decrease of BP, increase in temp
which spirochete causes Rocky Mtn spotted fever Rickettsia rickettsii
Which organim causes trench fever Rochalimaea quentana
Which organism causes epidemic typhus Rickettsia Prowazekii
Which organism causes pneumonia in bird owners Chlamydia psittaci
which organism causes multiple infections by antigen switching Borrelia recurrentis
Which organism has protein A for an anti-opsonization defense Staph aureus
Which organism releases ndotoxins PRIOR to cell death Neisseria meningitidis
what is the only ssDNA virus Parvovirus
What is the only DNA virus to replicate in teh cytoplasm Poxvirus
What are teh three naked DNA viruses Parvo, Adeno, Papovirus (PAP)
What is the only DNA virus that has the reverse transcriptase enzyme hepadnavirus
WHich hepatitis virus is an RNA viroid-like virus that needs hepatitis B to be infective Hepatitis D
which hepatitis virus is an enveloped RNA flavivirus, which is know for postinfusional hepatitis Hep C
what antigen is needed to diagnose an infectious patient with hepatitis B Hepatitis Be antigen
which type of hepatitis can cause hepatocellular carcinoma Hep B
Which type of hepatitis is a calicivirus Hepatitis E
Which type of hepatitis is a picornavirus Hep A
What two antigens need to be positive for a patient to have chronic active hepatitis Hepatitis Bs, Hepatitis e antigen
which virus is found in the urine of rodents Arenavirus
Which virus is accoc with hairy t cll leukemia HTLV-I, HTLV-II
What are the components of the rubella triad PDA, Cataracts, Mental retardation
What is the drug of choice to treat HSV encephalitis Vidarabine
What is the drug of choice to treat RSV pneumonia Ribavirin
What is the drug of choice to treat CMV retinitisinfection Ganciclovir
What is the drug of choice to treat Influenza A Amantadine
What is the drug of choice to treat HSV Acyclovir
What is the drug of choice to treat HPV Interferon Alpha
What does Candida albicans do that distinguishes it from other fungi Forms germ tubes at 37 degrees
Which organism , transmitted by sexual contact, is almost diagnostic by the foul-smelling, green discharge from the vagina and its assoc itch? Trichomonas vaginalis
Which organism is assoc with a diffuse bilateral interstitial pneumonia and with HIV-pisitive patients with CD4 counts of 200 or lower Pneumocystic carinii
What three organs can be affected by Trypanosoma cruzi Cardiomegaly, Megaesophagus, megacolon
Which organism causes kala-azar, which is assoc with hyperpigmentation of the skin, enlargement of the spleen, and decreased bone marrow activity Leishmania donovani
which type of malaria is assoc with dark urine Plasmodium falciparum (malignant)
what type of plasmodium is banana or crescent shaped when stained with Giemsa stain Plasmodium falciparum
what is the only plasmodium that is quartan Plasmodium malarize, the others are tertian
what types of plasmodium produce latent hypnozoites in the liver, which can cause a relapse Plasmodium vivax, and plasmodium ovale
what organism is assoc with liver abscess, teardrop ulcers, and perforated diaphragms entameba histolytica
what type of plasmodium affects only mature RBCs plasmodium malaria
what type of plasmodium affects reticulocytes plasmodium vivax
what type of plasmodium affects RBCs of all ages plasmodium falciparum
What three carcinomas are assoc with EBV Burkitt's lymphoma, Nasopharyngeal, Thymic
what is the direction of the strand if a vrus has infectious +RNA 5' to 3' RNA
what two viruses do not get their envelope from budding but actually from coding HIV, Pox
what glycoprotein in the HIV virus is used for fusion GP41
what glycoprotein in the HIV virus attaches to CD4 GP120
what protein of the HIV virus is used to detect if a patient is HIV-positive by ELISA P24
what two viruses cause progressive multifocal encephalitis Simian (SV40) virus, JC virus
With what virus do you see Koplik's spots and Worthin-Finkeldy cells, and possibly subacute sclerosing panencepalitis Rubeola (measles)
what are known as jumping genes transposons
what is the most common viral cause of myocarditis Coxsackie B
What virus is assoc with heterophil-positive monomucleosis EBV
what virus, which creates painful vesicular lesions, is a cause of aseptic meningitis? Herpes II
What virus attaches to fibroblastic growth factor Herpes I
What is the most prevalent viral infection in the USA Varicella-zoster
What is teh only herpes virus to cross teh placenta CMV
what cells are atypical on a peripheral blood smear in a heterophil+ mononucleosis? T cells (not B cells)
What type of hepatitis has the highest mortality rate among pregnant women Hep E
What does hepatitis D virus need from hepatitis B virus to be infective? Hepatitis Bs antigen as its envelope
what are the two hepatitis viruses that can be chronic and can lead eventually to hepatocellular carcinoma Hep B & C
what are the only two viruses where naked dsDNA is NOT infectious/ Poxvirus, Hepatitis B
What is the only diploid virus Retrovirus
what type(s) of immune response is the body capable of making when presented with a live vaccine Humoral and cell mediated
What HPV is teh causative agent of anogenital warts HPV 6 & 11
what type(s) of immune response is teh body capable of making when presented with a killed vaccine Humoral only
who are the "typical" women who present with endometrial carcinoma Older, non-sexually active women (whereas young, sexually active women present with cervical carcinoma)
what type of vaccine is the MMR vacine Live, attenuated
with what virus is postauricular lymphadenopathy assoc Measles (rubella) virus
In what trimester is the fetus most vulnerable to congenital rubella syndrome? 1st
what is the order of the antibodies, from first to last, in an infected patient with hepatitis Hepatitis Bc, e, s
what is the first antigen seen in an individual with hepatitis Hep Bs antigen (incubation period)
what antibody is an indication of low transmissibility for hepatitis Hepatitis Be antibody
waht antibody is an indication of recurrent disease for hepatitis hepatitis Bc antibody
antibodies to what hepatitis B antien provide immunity antibodies to hepatitis Bs antigen
what are the three C's of measles Cough, Coryza, Conjunctivitis
What vector is assoc with malaria Anopheles mosquito
what is the vector for yellow fever Aedes mosquito
What are the only two picornaviruses that do NOT lead to aseptic meningitis Rhinovirus, Hep A
what is the only part of the virus that is "detectable" during the exlipse preios of teh viral growth cycle Viral nucleic acid
what is the only virus to carry its own ribosomes Arenavirus
what is the term for the period from the onset of an infection to the apearance of the virus extracellularity latent period
what is the leading cause of diarrhea in the US Campylobacter jejuni
what organism would cause a patient to present with constant diarrhea after drinking mountain stream water on a camping trip Giardia lamblia
what parasite can cause vitamin B12 deficiencies? Diphyllobothrium latum
what viral infection is assoc with black vomit yellow fever (flavivius)
What 3 bacteria are "competent" (able to take up free DNA) Strep Pneumo, Haemophilus influenza, Neisseria meningitidis
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