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SOL Review 1 2 & 3

Name 2 empires of the Eastern Hemisphere France, Russia, China, England
Name 3 nations of Western Europe Portugal, Spain, France, / Incan Empire & Aztec Empire
What empire was located in Africa in 1500? Songhai Empire
What empire was located in India in 1500? Mughal India
What does Renaissance mean? Rebirth of knowledge
What marks the beginning of the modern world? The Renaissance
What knowledge was reborn during the Renaissance? Classical
The Renaissance spread from Italy to where? N. Europe
Who were the main painters of the Renaissance? Leonardo De Vinci & Michelangelo
What is the philosophy which emphasized classical knowledge and a worldly life? Securalism
Who wrote sonnets and plays during the Renaissance? Shakespeare
What poetry form was used during the Renaissance Sonnets
What Dutch humanists helped to spread the idea of humanism? Erasmus
Where did the Renaissance begin Italy
What are the 5 main major world religions? Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and Buddhism
In what hemisphere did the 5 main religions begin? Eastern
Where was Judaism concentrated in 1500? Middle East and Europe
Where was Christianity concentrated in 1500? Middle East and Europe
Where was Islam concentrated in 1500? Middle East & Africa
Where was Hinduism concentrated in 1500? India & part of Southeast Asia
Where was Buddhism concentrated in 1500? Southeast Asia
How did the Crusades effect the economy of Europe? It increased trade as Europeans wanted the goods of the Middle East
How did the Crusades lead to an increase of goods produced in Europe? They needed goods to trade
What system was developed so that a merchant did not have to carry large amounts of money for trade? Bill of Exchange
What replaced Roman Numerals Arabic numbers
What bank practice did the Church rule against, saying it was a sin? Usury
Why did the Renaissance begin in Italian city states? They were trading centers and the patrons had great wealth.
How were the Italian city-states initially governed? As republics
Who wrote "The Prince"? Machiavelli
What was "The Prince" about? How rulers best ruled
According to Machiavelli, how should a ruler act? Do anything necessary to keep power
What artist did the Mona Lisa? Leonardo da Vinci
Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Michelangelo
Who carved the statues of David and Moses? Michelangelo
What were the main themes of Renaissance art and literature? Individual achievement
Who painted "The Last Supper"? Leonardo da Vinci
What was the name for those that supported the arts? Patrons
How was education effected by the Renaissance? Greatly encouraged
What did humanists study? History, Philosophy, Rhetoric, Composition, Latin, and Grammar
Who wrote Utopia, about a perfect society? Erasmus
What was the first moveable type printing press in Europe? Johan Gutenberg
Created by: Ronchima