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Medical Terminology

Unit 1

acrodermatitis inflammation of the skin extremities
acromegaly enlarged extremities
acroparalysis paralysis of the extremities
adjective descriptor, modifies nouns
anemia/anemic lack of blood, (noun/adjective)
appendix/appendices glandular structure belowthe cecum, (singular/plural)
bacillus/bacilli rod-shaped bacteria, (singular/plural)
bacterium/bacteria microorganism group, (singular/plural)
brainstem brain structures that includes: midbrain, pons, medulla oblongata
carcinoma/carcinomata cancerous tumor (epithelial origin), (singular/plural)
carpus, carpal, carpi wrist bone(s), (noun/adjective,plural)
chickenpox viral infection with Varicella zoster
combining form word root plus a vowel
compound word word made of two or more word roots
condyle/condylar rounded bony process (noun/adjective)
contraction condition of shortening a body part, tension, muscle function
crisis/crises acute (severe)situation (singular/plural)
cyanosis/cyanotic condition of blueness (noun/adjective)
cytometer instrument that measures (counts) cells
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
dermatology the study of the skin, medical specialty
disease abnormal function or condition
extension stretching or elongation
gastrectomy excision of the stomach
gastric stomach (adjectival form)
gastritis inflammation of the stomach
gastrodoudenscopy examination by lookin into the stomach and the duodenum with a scope
gastroduodenostomy make a new surgical opening betwee the stomach and duodenum
hydrocele herniation or sac containing water (fluid)
hydrophobia abnormal fear of water
hydrotherapy therapy using water
hyperthyroidism overactive thyroid condition
ilium/iliac upper pelvic bone, (noun/adjective)
inflammation condition defined by redness, swelling, pain, and warmth
inject, injected, injecting put in using a needle, (verbs)
injectable able to be injected (adjective)
larynx/larynges voice box (singular/plural)
lymphadenopathy disease of a lymph gland
microbe very small organism
microfilm image reduced to small size on film
micrometer one millionth of a meter
microscope instrument used to look at small structures
mircosurgery surgery using a microscope
mucus/mucous watery substance produced by a membrane, (noun/adjective)
neurospasm nerve spasm (twitching)
noun name of a person, place or thing
practitioner one who practices
prefix placed before a word root to change its meaning
psychiatrist specialist in treating mental disorders
radiographer one who makes x-ray images
sensitivity quality of being sensitive
spermatozoon sperm (pl. spermatozoa)
suffix follows a word root to change its meaning or part of speech
thermometer instrument that measures temperature
transport carry across
verb action or state of being word
vertebra/vertabrae spinal bones (singular/plural)
vomit, vomited, vomiting vacuate stomach contents (verbs)
word root base of word
(MATCHING) adj adjective
(MATCHING) HSV-1, HSV-1 herpes simplex virus 1
(MATCHING) n noun
(MATCHING) VAR Varicella zoster vaccine (chickenpox vaccine)
(MATCHING) VRV varicella zoster virus
(ADJECTIVE FORM) cyanosis cyanotic
(ADJECTIVE FORM) anemia anemic
(ADJECTIVE FORM) duodenum duodenal
(ADJECTIVE FORM) mucus mucous
(ADJECTIVE FORM) arthritis arthritic
(ADJECTIVE FORM) inject injectable
(ADJECTIVE FORM) emesis emetic
(ADJECTIVE FORM) condyle condylar
(MATCHING ABBREVATION) ccu critical care unit
(MATCHING ABBREVATION) HSV-2, HSV-II herpes simplex virus 2
(SELECT & CONSTRUCT) enlargement of the extremities aromegaly
(SELECT & CONSTRUCT) instrument used to look at small things microscope
(SELECT & CONSTRUCT) pertaining to lack of blood anemic
(SELECT & CONSTRUCT) one who makes x-ray images radiographer
(SELECT & CONSTRUCT) inflammation of the skin on the extremities acrodermatitis
(SELECT & CONSTRUCT) fear of water hydrophobia
(SELECT & CONSTRUCT) instrument used to measure heat thermometer
(SELECT & CONSTRUCT) surgery using a microscope microsurgery
(SELECT & CONSTRUCT) looking into the stomach and duodenum with a scope gastroduodenscopy
(SELECT & CONSTRUCT) instrument used to measure (count cells) cytometer
(PLURAL/SINGULAR FORMS) carcinoma carcinomata
(PLURAL/SINGULAR FORMS) protozoan protozoa
(PLURAL/SINGULAR FORMS) appendix appendices
(PLURAL/SINGULAR FORMS) phalax phalanges
acro/o extremities
-megaly enlarged
derma/0/ skin
-logist one who specializes(studies)
-itis inflammation
-y process or condition make a word a noun
-logist noun, one who studies
-logy noun, study of
-logos Greek for study
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