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Maternity Chapter 8

Contraception -- Exam

Contraception the intentional prevention of pregnancy during sexual intercourse.
BRAIDED Used to get informed consent
Calendar Rhythm Method Shortest cycle:24−18=sixth day Longest cycle:30−11=nineteenth day always subtract 18 from the shortest cycle and subtract 11 from the longest cycle Avoid intercourse in the gap of the result e.g. day 6 to 19
Potential pitfalls of using fertility awareness methods include the five Rs: •Restriction on sexual spontaneity •Rigorous daily monitoring •Required training •Risk of pregnancy during prolonged training period •Risk of pregnancy high on unsafe days
Disadvantages of diaphragm the reluctance of some women to insert and remove the diaphragm needs to be inserted in advance, otherwise it will reduce sexual stimulation not for women with poor vag. muscles or uti
Mifepristone emergency contraceptive --prevents implantation of Ovum
MAPs emergency contraceptive
COC Packages 91 day, 28 day and 21 day
If COC pills are missed: 1 pill missed: take it immediately and continue regiment 2 pills missed: take 2 pills for 2days and continue 2 pills missed in third week: take one pill until sunday, and start a new schedule 3 or more missed: take pill daily until sunday and restart
diaphram, cervical cap can cause TSS more effective for nulliparous women must remain in vagina for 6 hours after intercourse should be removed every day fitted by health professional and replaced every year
Subdermal implant (implanon) contraceptive method that lasts three year a progestin filled rod in inserted under the woman's upper armS fertily delayed when discontinued not for women with breast cancer or cardiovascular problems
DMPA injection for contraception given every 3 months should be reevaluated in two years, and calcium supplement may be necessary
COC drug interactions COCs lower insulin action and has an effect on coumadin, cabarmezepine (tegretol ) and other drugs.
transdermal patch weekly application contraceptive apply everywhere but the breast applied only for three weeks, menses in the 4th week not recommended for obese women
Vasectomy: Avoid tub bath for 48 hours wear scrotal support use ice packs sterility after 6-36 ejaculation or 4 to six weeks semen checked before unprotected sex
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