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(Willis) Greece 2

__________ first became angry with the Greeks because some Greeks gave aid to other Greeks who rebelled against Persia. Darius
Both Xerxes and Darius wanted to conquer __________. Greece
From an early age, __________ boys were trained to be soldiers. Spartan
__________ women also received physical training because they were strong and healthy. Spartan
The __________ War began because Greek cities feared Athens would control Greece. Peloponnesian
The result of the Peloponnesian War was that __________ became the most powerful city-state in Greece. Sparta
Philip of __________ easily conquered the Greeks because the Greeks did not unite to fight Philip. Macedonia
__________ of Macedonia was Alexander the Great’s father. Philip II
__________ died at the age of 33 after he got sick in Babylon. Alexander
After Alexander and his army crossed the Indus River in __________ his exhausted troops refused to fight anymore. India
Alexander worked to spread Greek __________ throughout his empire. culture
The __________ is a famous Greek building. Parthenon
Greek __________ believed that the one thing that was more important than anything else in life was using the human mind to think and understand. philosophers
The many achievements of ancient Greece were important because they strongly shaped __________ civilization. Western
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