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(Willis) Greece 1

The geography of Greece is rocky and __________. mountainous
Because traveling by land in Greece was difficult, the Greeks became expert __________. shipbuilders
The __________ built an advanced society on the island of Crete. Minoans
The Greeks __________ with other cultures to obtain food, to find products they needed, and to learn new ideas from other cultures. traded
The period of warfare and disorder in Greece is referred to as the __________ Age. Dark
A __________ is a small city-state. polis
In the __________, the Greeks held political meetings, bought and sold goods, & Greeks had religious gatherings. agora
A __________ democracy is where citizens elect officials to make the laws. representative
A government in which only a few people have power is called an __________. oligarchy
The first democracy in Athens allowed all __________ the right to participate in the assembly, the right to speak, and the right to serve on smaller councils. citizens
__________ means “rule of the people.” Democracy
Greek __________ were stories that explained why natural or historical events happened. myths
The Greeks applied the Iliad and the __________ in everyday life by trying to follow the examples of the great heroes in the stories. Odyssey
Many ancient Greeks visited the oracle at __________ to ask the god Apollo questions. Delphi
The religion called __________ was popular in Persia for many centuries because it made sense to many Persians. Zoroastrianism
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