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BB vocab chp 6

religion a system of beliefs and practices that attempsto order life in terms of culturally perceived ultimate priorities
secularism the idea that ethnical and moral standards should be ahered to for life on Earth not to accommodate promises for a comfortable after life
Feng Shui the chinese art of placing and orientation of tombs,dwellings,buildings,and cities
Zionism to unite jews from the dispora and make a national homeland for them
shitte small islamic group or religion found in iran
Minaret tower attached to a muslim mosque that calls for prayer
Interfaith boundries boundries between worlds major religions
Genocide the killing of an entire group or nation
religious extremism carried to the point of violence
Jihad a holy war representing a personal or collective struggle
Sharias laws the system of islamic laws
Diaspora describing forcefulor voluntary dispersal of a group from there homeland
Sunni biggest group or religion of Islam
shamanism community faith intraditonal societes in which they follow there religious leader
Hjj a muslim pilgriamge to Makkah
Intrafaith Boundries within a single religion
religious fundamentalism a religious movement whose plan is to return to the basic of the religion
Created by: BB2424