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Ch. 6: Religion

White Book

What are the holy books for the 3 religions? Christianity & Judaism - The Bible, Islam - The Quran
Why was religious beliefs still playing a role in peoples lives? You can't take away a persons religion and that's what the Chinese did because it was interfering with their aims
What is the difference between universalizing and ethnic religion? universalizing tries to pull you in to a large religion followed by many and an ethnic is to a group in one place
What is the largest spread of religion? Relocation Diffusion
How are religions divided? into branches that go into denominations that break away to a sect
What makes you have no religion? not believing at all or all the way
What is Christianity? a wide spread religion with the most adherents
Where did Christianity originate? Jerusalem from the teachings of Jesus in bethlehem from 8 B.C. on then diffused to Europe
Who taught Christianity? Jesus
Why are Christians spread out so much? Colonization
Where are Christians distributed? N. & S. America, Europe, Australia, and not dominant but in Africa
How is Christianity spread out in the U.S.? Baptists = SE, Lutherans = Upper Mid West, Catholic = SW or NE, Christians = Mid, Mormons = W,, Mennonite = scattered,Methodist = Mid & Mid E., Reformed = N.
Why is the U.S. a protestant? Came from English
What is a denomination from Christianity? The Englican Chirch, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran and Protestant
What are some sects from Christianity? West Borough Baptist Church and meronites - clustered in Lebanon
What are some branches from Christianity? Roman Cath. in the SW and E europe, Prot. in NW, and E. Orth in E and SE.
Why did many small branches of Christianity develop independently? Isolation
What is the Coptic church? a religion that originated in Syria and help diffused Christ to E. & S. Asia
What religion is second largest? Islam
Where is Islam dominant? Mid. East from N. Afr. to Central Asia. Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India
What is the Islamic belief represented by? 5 pillars of faith
Which way do they pray? East
What do you call the holy journey to Mecca that Muslims take? The Hajj
What are the two branches of islam? Sunni (the bigger one) who are from the middle east and Asia & Shi'ite who are from Iran, Pakistan and Iraq
Why are many Muslims in Germany? Because of guest workers
Who is the messenger of Allah through the Nation of Islams in the U.S.? Elijah Muhammad in the Black Muslims
What is Buddhism? 3rd major religion mainly found in China and SE Asis
What is Buddhism represented by? 4 Noble Truths
Why did Buddhism split into branches? because of disagreements which formed: Mahayana in China Japan and Korea; Theravana in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Tailand; Tanthrayana in Mongolia; Zen in Japana; and Lama in Tibet
How is Hinduism unique? No founder, single theology, or agreement of origin
Where is Hinduism concentrated? in India, Caribbean islands and in the islands of bali
What is Confucianism? Teaching of how to be "Good"
What is Daoism(Taoism)? Seek the way and have geomancers who knows the desires of the powerful spirits
What is Shintoism? Ethnic religion for Japan that is no longer a state religion
What is Judaism? An ethnic religion where many live in the U.S., Israel and 1/3 the rest of the world. It was the first monotheistic religion
Who follows animism? Africans
What is diaspora? scattering of jews
Where did Islam originate? through adam and abraham
What is the difference between Sunni and Shi'ite? Shi'ite followed ali
Where did Buddhism originate? Nepal from Siddhartha Gautama who took trips and spent 6 years in mediation who emerged as a buddah
What is the difference in the branches of Buddhism? Theravada-oldest, Mahayana-plit from theravana
Who brought Hinduism to India? The Aryan Tribes from Central Asia
Where did the 3 universalizing religions come from? Asia
How did Christianity diffuse? relocation through missionaries from it's hearth in Palestine later in the roman empire through contagious then to hierarchical
How did Islam diffuse? Diffuses to North Africa, South and Southeast Asia by armies
How did Buddhism diffuse? Slow diffusion from the core mostly responsible was asoka
Why do ethnic religions have limited diffusion? lack missionaries and universal religions usually compete with ethnic religions
What are examples of mingling? Christianity with African ethnic religions Buddhism with Confucianism in China and with Shinto in Japan
Why is Judaism an exception in distribution? It is practiced in many countries
What are the 3 most important holy places to Buddhists? Lumbini in Nepal, Bodh Gaya, Deer Park in Sarnath
what is the holiest places for Muslims? Makkah
What are the holiest shrines in Hinduism? natural features like the ganges
What cosmogony do Chinese believe in? Yin and Yang
What cosmogony do most people believe in? God created the universe
What is it like for the calendar in ethnic religions? they care about the seasonal things for crops and animals
What is the calendar like for the Jewish? major holidays are based on the agriculture, Sukkot:gathering of the fruits, Pesach: offering gods first fruits and Shavout: feast of weeks
What are the two holiest days on the Jewish calendar? Rosh Hashanah(New Years) and Yom Kippur(Atonement)
What is a major holiday in pagan religion? Winter solstice
What are some places of worship? Christian churches, Muslim mosques, Hindu temples, Buddhist and Shinto pagodas
What are the differences between the places of worship? Churches: a sanctified places to gather, Mosque: location for people to come together to worship, Temple:they house shrines for particular gods, Pagodas: a prominent attractive landscape,
How do the universalizing religions dispose of the dead? Cemeteries
What are other ways to dispose of the dead? Chinese and Hindus believe in cremation
What is a Utopian settlement? an ideal community built around a religious way of life
What are some examples of a religious settlement? Bethlehem, Penn., New Harmony, Indiana and Onieda, New York
How is the Roman Cath. religion organized? pope, cardinal, archbishop, bishop and priest
Out of the 3 universalizing religions which provides the most local autonomy? Islam
Religion versus Social Change in ldc's participation in the global economy and culture can expose local residents to values and beliefs from mdc's
Taliban and Western values When the taliban gained power of afghanistan they took away non-islam activities til the us stepped in and over threw them in 2001
Hinduism and social inequality Hindus had the caste system that broke up into many sections making it harder for social religion
Eastern Orthodoxy and Islam in the Soviet Union following the 1917 Bolshevik revolution which overthrew czar the soviet government eliminated the church-state connection
Buddhism in Southeast Asia Durinf the vietnam war no one was sympathetic to buddhists and blew up their shrines easliy
Religion versus Religion fundamentalism
Religious wars in Ireland Ireland yearned for independence and led to mass emigration which later became independent in 1937
Religious wars in the Middle East the 3 universalizing religions to have control over jerusalem
Crusades (Christians in Muslim lands) The arab army was halted on their captures when christians made it clear they would be the dominant religion in europe
Jews and Muslims in Palestine great britian took over palestine after wwi, few jews were let in and violence initiated. jerusalem was to be open to everyone so when british withdrew jews declared an independent state of israel.
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