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Ch6 : religion

what are the 3 universailing religions? christianity, islam, and budddhism
How can a religion be divied into ? Religion - Branch - Denomination - sects
Adherence ? to follow
adherent ? followers
what is the most widespread religion and has the most follwers ? Christianity
Where can christianity be found in ? NA, south america, europe, austraila, africa and asia
What are the 3 branches of christianity ? roman catholic, protestants, and E orhtodox
Put the christian groups in order from greatest to leats followers ? Roman catholic, Protestant and E orthodox
Where is roman catholic dominat in within europe ? in the SW and east
where are the protestants dominat in europe ? NW
where are the orthodox dominant in europe ? east and SE
where are roman catholic concentrated in the USA ? in the SW AND NW
Baptist churches are found in ? SE in the USA
The lutherans are found in the ? midwest of the usa
What are the two smaller branches of christianity in NE africa the coptic church of egypt and the ethopian church
why is the armenian church important ? it originates in Antioch syria and helped spread christianity in south and east asia
doctrine ? Beliefs
where is the armenian church concentrate in ? NE turkey, in lebanon
what is one small gropu of christianity in the usa ? the latter day saints
Where did Islam started ? In saudi Arabia
Where is islam dominat ? in the middle east , from north africa to central asia
what are the four countries that muslims are found in ? 1.Indonesia 2.Pakistian 3.Bangladesh 4.india
what to the muslim look up to ? the 5 pillars
What is the place muslim go to hajji ? Mecca
What are the two branches of Islam ? Sunni and shiite
What is the biggest branch of islam and where is it located ? Sunni, in middle east and asia
what is the small islamic branch and where is it located ? Iran,Pakistan and Iraq
What city in europe has the most muslims ? in France
What city in europe has muslims because of guest workers ? Germany
what are other places in europe that has muslims ? albania, bosnia, and serbia
What are the black muslims ? muslims led by eligah muhammed in the usa
where are adhernts od buddhisum found in ? china and SE asia
what makes the foundation for the budhisum religion > the 4 noble truths
What are the 3 main branches of buddhisum ? Mahayanists,theravada and tantryana
Where is the branch Mahayanists concentraed in ? china japan and korea biggest branch
where is the branch theravadists concentrated in ? Se asia
where is the branch tahtryana found in? Tibet and mongolia smallest branch
what are the wo minior branches of buddhisum and where are they located ? Zen-japan Lama-tibet
What are the 2 minior unervasiling religiona and where are they located ? siknism- punjad ragion of NW india Bahai-mainly africa and asia
What ethinic relgion has the most followers and is the third largest religion ? Hinduisum
Where are hinduis concentrated in? in India,nepal,bali and the carribean
How is the theological belief of hinduisum ? no strict theology
How many gods do hindus believe in ? most look up to one and some to more than one
what god do hindus mostly look up to ? vaishnauism
deities? god
what is so unique about hinduisum ? no founder and no theology and no agrrement to origin
what are two ethinic religions in china ? confucianism and daoism
what is confucianism ? a man named confucius emphazied acient chinese traditions and way of life teaching it to students
what is daoism (taoism ) a writer lao-zi wroye a book about the magical aspects of life not the public ones seeking a path with daily activites
geomancers expert that knows the desire of the natural forces
What is shintoism? an ethinic religion in japan consider nature to be devine
Judasium is the what for the 3 main religions ? the base
what are the 3 branches of judaism? orthodox (old) conservative (middle) reform(moden)
where are the jews concerntrated in ? usa , israel and the rest of the world
why is juadism an ethnic religion ? becaused based on lands
whjat did arab do with god ? He made an agrrement if they believe in one god they will be protected
ashkenazim ? jews who went to central europe
sephardin jews who went to n. africa anf the iberian penninsula
what are some common thing for ethnic religions in africa believe in anisium,passed orally,
name the 3 uniervasiling religions oldest to youngest ? buddhism, christianity, and islam
who was the founder of christianity ? jesus in jerusalem
what are the 4 gospel of the christian bible who recored jesus teaching ? matthew , mark,luke, ande jhon
the roman catholic believes god does what ? went through the 7 sacraemntes
when did the branch E orthodox arrive ? in the collection of churches in the roman empire
when did the protestiant branch show up ? from the principles of the reformation
the origin of islam id the same as ? christianity and juadism
what is the story behind the islam religion ? Abhraham married sarah who couldnt have children then married hagra and had ishmael then sarah has issac ab throws out hagra and ishamel tracing there story from the second wife
cast system the class in which a hindui was assigned to for religious laws
muhammed is the prophet of what religion ? Islam
when and where was muhammed born ? in mecca 570 AD at age 40 he recieceved his first message from god
after muhammed died who became leader ? no son or followers so his father law then umar then uthman then ali
whats the diffrence between the sunni and shites ? shiites believe in alis desendents claim
Where did muhammed die ? in madinah
who is the founder of buddhism ? siddhartha gautama born in nepal
what is the story of buddhism ? a prince left to the woods for 6 years to find the meaning of life came back and preached it
what is the oldest branch of buddhasim ? theravada believe buddahism is a full time thing
what is the 2nd branch in buddhasim ? mahayana believe they can help more ppl
Who is the founder of hinduisum ? no founder , aryans invaded india bringing there religion and indo european languages
what are the hearths of the 3 main religions ? asia , christianity and islam in the sw buddhisum in the south
how was the religion diffused from the hearth by followers who spread the religion in teachings
what ways did christianity diffuse in ? Relocation, hiearcheal and contaigous diffusion
how did christianity diffuse with reloctaion ? by migration and misssionaries spreading it in the roman empier
how did christianity diffuse with hiearcheal diffusion ? by the emperor making it the offical religion in rome spreading it europe, north and south america
How did islam diffuse ? setting up followers into armies and conquering land such as palestiene, persian empire, and india then north america spain and western europe
who was the most responsible in diffusing buddhism ? asoka emperor of the magadhan empire
how did asoka spread buddhism ? by making powerful kingdoms in south asia and sending missionaries spreadin it to surronding countrries
why dont ethnic religions spred ? no missionaries spread them
why do ethnic religions mingle with inervisaling religions ? to spread the religion
what is a current problem in japan with shintoism ? a great caution to documenting adherents
what is a way ehtnic religions spreads ? An adherent moves somewhere else
what are maurituis ? a place tha hindu,christian,or muslim ppl live in
how is juadisum an expection when it comes to diffusion ? because of dispora emigrated to isa, asia europe from eastern midetteraniean and have always had to move
what are the universailing religions holy places ? holy citiesand other places associated with the founders life
what two religions put emphases on shrines buddhism and islam
what are some important shrines in the buddahism religion > Lumbanin-buddha birth bodh gaya- buddha reached perfect wisdom kusinagara- buddha died
what are the holy places of islam associated with ? Muhammed
What is the most sacred place for muslims ? makkah -his birthplace and holdsholy objects
what is the Kahab for muslims ? a shrine ambraham built
what is masjid al haram ? largest mosque contains theblack stone
what is the 2nd most holiest location for muslims ? where muhammed receveied his first support
what are the holy places of ethnic religion based off of ? physical geography of place
what physical features are important to hinduis ? river banks and coast line believe achive purification by bathing in holy water
why is Mt.Kailis holy ? Siva lives there
what is the holiest river for hinduis ? the ganger river
cosomogny ? the theory of the origin of something
what does the chinese ethnic relgion believe in ? yin and yang yin is female dark yanf male light
How is christian cosmogony diffrent for christianity ? believe earth was given to god so humans can finish
ehtnic calendar are based on what ? physical geography
unervasiling religions calendar? based on events of founders life
what is the most important feature in an ethnic religon? the season
What are the two holiest days on the jewish calendar ? rosh hashana (new year) and yom kippur day of atum
What are 3 days related to the agriculture in judausm ? sukkut- final gathering of fruits peasch- offer god first fruits sharuot-end og harvest
how are the agriculture holidays in the bible for jews ? pesach-libertation of jews from slavery sukkot-shelters occupied by jews sharvout-moses recieves 10 comandments
israel uses thw what calendar ? lunar
what is the most important holiday for islam? ramadan -fasting varies for everyone by day
what do christians commerotate > reseruction of jesus on easter and birth of christ on christmas
what do buddhist commerotate celebrate buddhas birth enlightment and death
what so the skiism commeroarte ? the births and death of the ten gurs
what are places of worship for thw christians ? church express the religious principles and enviroment of god
churches are more important where ? in small towns
Mosque = muslim
temple = hindui
pagodas= buddhist and shinntoism
mosque is ? a place to get togther and worship in large cities
temples are ? built to worship a god worship is done at home
pagodas are ? contain importants artifats of buddhanot for worship
where was the first bahai house of worship ? ashgabat russia
what makes burials diffrent ? climate, topography, and religious dcotrine
who uses cementaries ? christian and muslims
why cant china bury the dead ? takes up land for agriculture
who uses crementation ? Hindus
what are other ways of disposing the dead ? throing at sea eaten by other animals etc
What is a utopian settlement ? a settlement built around religious principles
what was an early utopian settlement ? in pennsylvania mormons
what religion is the most common to give place names ? the roman catholic
whats the diffrence between hiearchak religion and autonomus ? hiearchy are organized with a well defined structure like the mormons and the roman catholics but autonomus are self suffient like protestants and islam
do judaism and hinduism have a structure or religious control ? no
what is the prob with religion vs goverment ? can oppose gov policies as promoting social change but conflict with religion values
what is wrot with religion vs social change ? LCD can be exposed and changed into MDC values
what happen when the talbanians took over afghanistan ? they imposed stric islamic rules and banned nay western non islamic lesiure activites
what has kept hindu from changing into a new social form ? the caste system
what 3 religions where mostly affected by communisum ? orthodoz christian, islam and buddhism
what happened to the E orthodox and islam ? they were controleed by the soviet union and were forced to go anitreligion
Ho were the buddhist affected with the south east asian countires ? the asian countried destroyed there shrines temples and went against them
what is the mian religoius war in the middle east ? between the christian muc=slims and jews fighting for the same land
hy is juadism fighting for jeruslame calles it there promise land
why is muslim fighting for jeruslaem? consider it the 3rd most holy city
why is christians fighting for it ? consider it the oly land because tht where jesus was born died etc
christian vs muslim ? muslim took over europe and there holy land christian fought back by taking there holty land
muslim vs jews ? muslim conquered palestine and let some jewws in but then divied the land into two seprate countries onr for the jews and one for the
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