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Matthew and Luke

Whose birth does the Gospel of Luke begin with? John
What are the names of the mother and father? Zechariah and Elizabeth
How is this story similar to Abraham and Sarah? Women are unable to have children due to their age, so angels come down and bear both of them one.
What is the name of the angel who delivers the message to Elizabeth? Gabriel, the angel of the Lord.
How does Mary respond to the angel's message? Mary is confused and shocked because she doesn't understand how she could bear a child if she has absolutely no relations with a man. She says she is the handmaid of the Lord and she is allowing what needs to be done to her according to Gabriel's word.
Describe the meeting between Mary and Elizabeth. Elizabeth was very happy to see Mary and when Mary arrived, the infant leaped in her womb. Elizabeth filled with the holy spirit.
After the birth of John, how was Zechariah released from his punishment? He wrote John is his name on a tablet and immediately his mouth opened his tongue freed and he spoke blessing God.
Why did Mary and Joseph travel to Bethelem? Joseph was of the house of David, to be enrolled with Mary, his bethrothed,, who was the child. Mary also gave birth in Bethelem.
Who are Simeon and Anna? What part do they play in Jesus birth narrative? on paper
How old is Jesus at the end of Luke ch. 12. What happens in this part of the story? 12; Jesus advanced in wisdom and age and favor before God and man.
Who is the patriarch of the Jewish people that Jesus is traced back to in Matthew's genealogy? Abraham
In Matthew, 1:18, it says that Mary was bethrothed to Joseph. What does bethrothed mean? the first part of marriage; consulting a amn a woman as husband and wife.
Why doesn't Joseph divorce Mary? Joseph was going to leave her because she was pregnant. The angel told him, not to be afraid because the child was from God.
Where was Jesus born? Bethlehem
Who was the king? King Herod
Magi came to look for the newborn king of the Jews. What are magi? learned men
What did the king say to the magi?
What guided the magi to the newborn Jesus? star
What gifts did they offer him? gold, frankincense, and myyrh
Why didn't the magi return to Herod as he had asked them to? The magi were warned in a dream and departed for their country another way.
What did the angel say to Joseph? Rise, take the child and his mother, flee to egypt and stay there until I tell you to. Herod is going to search for the child to destroy him.
'what did Herod do when he realized that he had been deceived by the magi? Herod ordered the massacre of all boys in Bethlem.
When did Joseph, Mary, and Jesus return from Egypt? When King Herod had died.
What is a heavenly messenger? angel
Where did Jesus grow up? Nazareth
How was Jesus found by the wise men? star
What we call a list of ancestors? Geneology
Where did the holy family escape to? Egypt
What patriarch is Jesus related to? Abraham
Created by: abbeygri
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