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Religion from BB

How is religion seen in the cultural landscape? with houses of worship,cementries with religion symbols,stores selling religious goods,services for adherents
What are the sacred sites for jews in Jerusalme ? the western wall-remains of 2nd temple temple mount-sight of the two greates temples
What is the sacred sites for the christian in Jerusalme ? Church of the Holy Sepulchre- where jesus was buried and arose
What is the scared sites for the muslums in Jerusalem? Dome of the rock where mohammad arived to mecca and went to heavan
What is the important religious landscape for hinduis ? the shrines they should be near water , facing a village and in a comfrotable location
What are the important religious landscape for buddhisiom ? the Bodhi tree, stupas (bell shaped structures),temple with buddha criss crossesd and Pagodas
what are the imporatnt religious landscape for christians? church, cementaries, and Vatican city in rome where churches worship saints
What religion is dominant in the North east USA? Catholic
What religion is dominat in the south of the USSA ? baptist
What religion is dominat in the Midwest in USA? Lutheran
What religion is dominat in the South west of the USA?? Spanish Catholic
What are some important religious landscape for Islam? Mosques, minerites ( tower that calls for prayers)Alhamda Palace in Granada Spain,Great Mosque in Cordoba, geometric design,hajji
What role does religion play in political conflicts? religion can divide people from different faiths but also from the same. and a few ‘religious’ conflicts are about more than just religion
What are some places political conflict ? Ireland - Protestant vs Catholic India- sikhs vs Hindus
What conflict does Isreal and Palenstien have ? Interfaith bound conflict between the jews and muslims
What are the lutheran and baptist? are Protestant
What is the horn of africa ? a state in africa where its a mix of christains and muslim
What is ehtopia ? it is the cultural core of amharic coptic christains
What religion surronds the Amarthic ? Islam changed pp; at the base of the mts but the Amharic have most control
What is eriterea ? joined ethopia and controlled all at the end (muslims)
What is the Former Yugoslavia divides a line through the balkan pennisula seprating the catholic and eastern orthodox
What is on the west side of the line ? The slovenians and croats (catholic)
What is on the east and south side of the line? serbians and montengrams (e orthodox)
what happened in the 1300 in Yugoslavia ? the ottman turks - muslim that converted serbians to islam in the middle and south parts of the pennisula
In world war two in yugoslavia who supported the nazis thie croats
After the croats commited genocide on the serbs what happened ?> tito became in charge of yugoslavia
what was Milosevic mission? he ruled in favor of the serbs to keep and trying to keep the republics in the state causing war with the croats and serbs
What happened during the croats and serbs war ? Muslim joins the croats to fight the serbs community became involved and parturiton came into place, also new countries where formed
What did the partitution plan do ? Bosnia and Herzovina got divied one for the croats and muslim and another for the serbs
Who where the albanian muslims in kosovo? demanded an autonomy but serbs crushed them then Nato bomed serbia and ended Hostilites
how did ireland ecome part of the UK ? In the 1300s the english took over of the agriculture and in the 1700 took over the whole island
what religion started going to ireland / the protestants started controling farms,jobs ecnomic and political power
What ways did the British treat the Ireland catholics harshly ? by taking there land there political rights ect.
What happened to ireland at the end ? Some began to rebel in the 1900s british parted ireland to protect the protestants in the north 26 countries fromed the republic of Ireland and 6 made north ireland which is part of the Uk
What are some other troubles in Northern Ireland economic,oppression,terror, civil rights, and poltics
what causes religious fundamentalism ? percieved breakdown of societys mores and values, lack of religious authority, cant achive ecnomic goals,no sense of local control, or sense of violation of religions core territory
What are some innovations Roman catholcs do not agree on ? Birth control, family planning,women in religious goverment
Why have other sects seprated themselevs from the roman catholic church ? Becuase they do not recognize the pope or vaticant city
who is Mel gibsion ? he belongs to the family church elieves mass sould be in latin and does not believe that the popedoes not follow the original practices
what is the fundamentalism for protestants ? preach strict adherence to literal precpts of the bible,want everyone to come in agreement with the bible,want prayes in public school,teaching creationism in science,ban abortion out law homosexual marriage
What is the fundamentalism for judasium ? orthdox most fundamentalism , extremist are banned in Israel
what is the fundamentalism for Islamic ? the laws of islam are not spread equally in the muslim world inconsistency causes reactions
Sharis laws are ? the one sign of growth in fundamentalism
where are the sharis laws found in ? northern nigria and sudan very harsh
when did iran impose sharis laws ? after shah was deposed
what did the taliban do in afghanistan ? took control and made strict fundamentalism rules and punished ppl who wanted a holy war
what is wahhabi islam and who followed it ? its the oposition of the practices of the ottman rulers, and osama bin laden
what did the taliban do in afghanistan ? took control and made strict fundamentalism rules and punished ppl who wanted a holy war
what is wahhabi islam and who followed it ? its the oposition of the practices of the ottman rulers, and osama bin laden
what has fuled past extremist movements ? infedels invading the homeland, american milletary and bussines on the atab peninsula,making the county israel, the support israel gets from europe and us,the diffusion of technology.
How far does Israel extermist go ? until the gain support
who are the ones who usally go extremist ? the ones who feel they are the greatest loser in the economic order and tht there culture is being threatned
Created by: BB2424
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