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cultural unit

Language family languages which evolved from the language Romance languages
Indo-European family Languages (like German and romance languages) German
Sino-Tibetan family Languages that are spoken in most of Southeast Asia and China Vietnamese
Language groups languages with a relatively recent origin languages evolved from Spanish
Romance languages Languages that evolved from Latin (many similar characteristic) Spanish
Dialects different versions of the same language "southern accent"
Isoglosses where two linguistic features meat US Mexican Border
Pidgin a language that relates to two different languages (that usually form where two languages interact) border between France and Spain
Creole a language (pidgin) that evolved to be the primary language of a state
Esperanto language that incorporates aspects of multiple languages Zamenhof
Literacy the ability to read and write
Toponyms names of places and features on the land Chicago, Mississippi
lingua franca a simple language that combines aspectsof multiple languages
official languages primary language of a state English is official language of US
polyglot a state that speaks more than one language Canada
language extinction when no one speaks a certain language any more Latin
acculturation when one culture adapts another culture or cultural trait (under another's influence) European practices in South Africa
cultural extinction when no one practices one culture anymore ancient babylonian
Language a form of communication (usually through sound) English
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