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W His 9

The Industrial Revolution began in... England in the mid 1700's
The Industrial Revolution increased the output of what? Machine-made goods
Large farm fields enclosed by fences or hedges Enclosures
Enclosures allowed experimentation with... New agricultural methods
Switch crops each year to avoid depleting the soil Crop rotation
Result of allowing only the best livestock to breed Improved food supply
Move to machine production of goods Industrialization
Britian's natural resources Iron, coal, river harbors
Inventions that allowed weavers to work faster Flying shuttles, spinning jenny, water frame
Inventions that improve the quality and the time it takes to spin thread, and weave it into fabric Power loom, spinning mule
Buildings that contain machinery for manufacturing Factories
Invention that boosts the production of clean cotton to meet British demand Cotton gin
Invention developed to meet the need for cheaper, convenient power Watt's steam engine
Financed the steam engine Matthew Boulton
An organizer and manager that takes business risks Entrepreneur
First steamboat Clermont
Builder of first steamboat Robert Fulton
England added this to improve its water transportation system Canals
Who builds the first steam-driven locomotive in 1804? Richard Trevithick
Who builds the worlds first railroad line in 1825? George Stephenson
Entrepreneurs build a railrod from Liverpool to Manchester called the .... Liverpool-Manchester Railroad
The Rocket The fastest locomotive - built by Stephenson 1829
During the industrial revolution, what mode of transportation provides an inexpensive way to transport materials and finished goods Railroad
Why do people move from the country into the cities in the late 1700's early 1800's? Higher paying factory jobs
City-building and movement of people to cities Urbanization
London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool British industial cities
Length of average work day 14 hour, 6 days a week
Life span of city dweller 17 yrs
What lacked sanitary and building codes? Rapidly growing cities
Cities were without these. Adequate housing, educational systems, police protection
Which groups of people were members of the middle class Skilled workers, merchants, rich farmers, professionals
This group of people's living and working conditions were not improved by the Industrial Revolution. The Working class
Group of people who destroyed machines that put them out of work. Luddites
A serious problem, caused by unemployed workers rioting Mobs
Creates jobs, enriches nation, encourages technological progress, opportunity of better clothing, housing and food Immediate results of Industrial Revolution
Improved living and working conditions still evident today Long Term Effects of Industrial Revolution
This was paid for by increased government tax revenues Urban improvements
Here children as young as 6 work in factories; many are injured while they work. Manchester, England
Restricts working age and length of hours 1819 Factory Act
When does industrialization pick up momentum in the United States? During the post-Civil War technology boom
Why does cities like Chicago expand rapidly during the post-Civil War technology boom? Located on a railroad
Limited ownership rights in a company, sold to raise money Stocks
Company owned by stock holders who share profits, not the debts Corporation
English textile worker who builds textile mill in the U.S. Samuel Slater
Location of mechanized textile center built by Slater Lowell, Massachutes
Name two events that disrupted Europe's early 19th century economic growth Revolution and Napoleonic wars
Where did British worker start a company with smuggled machine plans? Belgium
Which European country developed spinning? Bohemia
Which region in Europe mechanized the spinning of silk into textiles? Northern Italy
Which European country industrialized its agricultural economy? France
Why did European counties, the U.S. and Japan sieze colonies? For thier natural resources
What spreads due to the need for raw materials, and new markets to sell goods? Imperialism
Industrialization creates economic power for these countries. European countries and the United States
Economic policy of not interfering with businesses Laissez-faire
Defender of free markets and author of "The Wealth of Nations" Adam Smith
Adam Smith believed... Economic liberty guaranteed economic progress
The natural laws of Economics Self-interest, competition, supply and demand
System of privately owned businesses seeking profit Capitalism
Thinks population grows faster than the food supply? Thomas Malthus
If this doesn't happen misery and poverty result War and epidemic kill off extra people
Who envisions a permanent, poor underclass providing cheap labor David Ricardo
A radical form of socialism Marxism
German journalist who proposes a radical form of socialism Karl Marx
In Capitalism, the name given to the "haves", the employers of people Bourgeoisie
In Capitalism, the name given to the "have-nots", the workers proletariats
The Communist Manifesto A 23 page pamphlet written by Karl Max and Friedrich Engels arguing that human societies have always been divided into warring classes.
The government should promote the greatest good for the greatest number of people Utilitarianism
Who favors regulation to help workers spread wealth John Stuart Mill
Who belives people should judge ideas, institutions, and actions on the basis of the usefulness Jeremy Bentham
Utopian community founded by Robert Ownes Harmony, Indiana
Description of utopian community improved working conditions, cheap housing to rent
Factors of production are owned by the people, and operated for the benefit of all Socialism
In theory, Socialism can... Ends poverty, and bring equality to all
A society where people own and share the means of production Communism
Occurs when associations formed by laborers work together for change Unionization
Unions negotiate for this for it's members Better pay, better working conditions for it's members
To call a work stoppage-to pressure owners to listen to union representatives demands Strike
Union goals higher wages, shorter hours, improved working conditions
Why did the British and the United States pass reform laws? To stop the worst abuses of industrialization
1842 Mines Act in Britian Stopped women, and children from working underground
Workday for British women, and children limited to 10 hours 1847
U.S. ends child labor, sets maximum hours for workers 1904
Slavery ends in U.S. 1865
Women persue economic and social rights 1848
The International Council for Women with world wide membership was founded in... 1888
Who established free public schools in Europe? Reformers in the late 1800's
By the 1850's it was common to find these in the United States Public schools
Reformers help end slavery in British empire 1833
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