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nette's skin R. quiz

integumentary system review

seb/o sebum
myc/o fungus
kerat/o horny,hard,corhea
hidr/o sweat
lip/o fat,lipid
melan/o black,dark
xer/o dry
derm/o skin
What are two symptoms of a second degree burn Blisters,swelling,and extreme pain
A partial thickness burn is a what First degree burn
First degree burns only affect the _____________ Epidermis
The process of making new tissue is called Regeneration
Fourth degree burns involves destruction of what three areas Muscles,tendons,and bones
Autograph Skin that is taken from the patient to be transferred to the recipient site
Where do you get an autograph Buttocks,or posterior or lateral portions of the thigh
Xenografts definition Skin or tissue from another species
Xenografts where do you get it from Pig skin or skin bank
Porcine Relating to or concerning to swine (pig)
Bovine Pertaining to cattle
Third degree burns involve how many skin layers All layers of the skin
In the rule of nine what is the percent for the trunk (torso) of the body 36% (The torso is divided into 4 parts with each being worth 9% - anterior superior, anterior inferior, posterior superior, and posterior inferior).
Created by: Lzamora2891