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Barron's Cultural Geo Language

Language Family Collection of languages that all came from one original language Germanic
Indo-European Family Germanic & Romance languages (50% of world) English
Sino-Tibetan Family Language area (Southeast Asia and China) Chinese, Burmese, Tibetan, Japanese, Korean
Language Groups Recent language family Germanic
Romance Languages languages derived from Latin Italian, Spanish, French, Romanian
Dialects Languages differ from place to place Spanish in Spain and Mexico
Isoglosses Different linguistic features meet Benrath Line
Pidgin language+another language= Pidgin! Pidgin IM service, AOL and others all together
Creole Main Pidgin language of a group of people Manglish: An English based creole spoken in Malaysia
Esperanto international language ?
Lingua Franca 2 complex languages put together to make an easier one English
Acculturation Adaptation of traits by one group under another Chinese person living in Chinatown and ignoring the rest of the country not being acculturated
Cultural Extinction death of a culture war, disease, acculturation
Literacy ability to read and write ?
Official Languages government business occurs in this Ukraine: Ukrainian
Polyglot multilingual state US
Language Extinction Language is no longer in use Mohawk Dutch (North America)
Toponyms Place name given to certain features on land agronym (the name of a field or pasture)
Language way people communicate using words or signs English
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