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Coelom/Lung devel.

Coelom and lung development-Hanna- 1/8/13

The splanchnopleuric mesoderm layer contributes to the Lining of the digestive tract
The somatopleuric mesoderm contributes to the Wall of our body cavities
Parietal lung pleura comes from Mesoderm
Visceral lung pleura comes from Dorsal mesentery mesoderm
What forms the central tendon of the diaphragm Septum transversum
What allows for communication between thorax and abdomen and is closed off by pleuroperitoneal memebrane Pericardioperitoneal canals
These form in 5th week Pleuroperitoneal folds
Diaphragm is innervated by Phrenic (C3,4,5)
Polyhydraminios penumonia malformation Tracheoesophageal fisture and atresia
Polydramnios malformation Atresias in esophagus
Pneumonia malformation Communication of esophagus with trachea
Tracheoesophageal fistula can lead to Stomach acid in the trachea
Gut tube buds into lung buds. This comes from which layer? Endoderm
The tertiary bronchial buds are the basis for the Bronchopulmonary segments
Aspiration of foreign bodies usually goes down which bronchus and why?
Which is worse, Gastroschisis or Omphalocele? Gastroschisis
Created by: mcasto