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Religion Midterm

Ch. 3-6, vocabulary, prayers, 10 commandments, rosary

Blessed Trinity The three persons in one God; God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit
Evangelization Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ
Covenant Solemn agreement between God and his people
Mercy God's forgiveness and love
Providence God's plan for and protection of all creation
Incarnation Means "Having become the flesh," The truth that the son of God becaome man and lived among us
Synoptic Gosples Gosples Matthew, Mark & Luke which present the Good News of Jesus Christ from a similar point of view
Parable A short story with a message
Gentile Non-Jewish
Word of God The son of God, the most complete expression in God's word
Prophet Someone who speaks on behalf of God and works for justice
Messiah Means "Anointed one" in Hebrew The person God planned to send to save the people from their sins
Pentecost The day on which the Holy Spirit came to Jesus' deciples as he said. Marks the begining of the Church
List the 5 Joyful Mysteries 1. The Annunciation 2. The Visitation 3. The Birth of Jesus 4. The Presentation of Jesus in the temple 5. The finding of Jesus in the temple
List the 5 Sorrowful Mysteries 1. The agony in the garden 2. The scourging at the pillar 3. The crowning with thorns 4. The carrying of the cross 5. The crucifixion and death of Jesus
List the 5 Glorious Mysteries 1. The resurrection 2. The Ascension 3. The Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Aplstles 4. The asumption of Mary into Heaven 5. The corination of Mary as Queen of Heaven
The Epiphany is only discussed in the Gospel_______ Matthew
The 3 Kings could have been ____________ Astrologists
What is the Epiphany? A celebration when the 3 kings came to Jesus
When is the Epiphany? 12 days after Christmas, usually in between January 2nd-6th
What song is based off the Epiphany? We Three Kings of Orient Night
What are the 2 reasons for Advent? 1. Prepares for the coming of Jesus 2. The end of Jesus' time
What colors are the candles on the Advent Wreath? 3 purple, 1 pink
What does each candle on the Advent Wreath represent? 1 week= 4 weeks of Advent(4 candles)
What are the candles on the Advent Wreath Called? Hope, Love, Joy, Preparation
What is the 3rd week of Advent candle? What does it represent? Pink, Joy
Incarnation= rebirth
Why is the Advent Wreath a circle? It recalls all years the people waited of the Messiah
What are the 10 commandments? see notebook
Created by: bml9913
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