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Human Diseases

Chap1 & 4 Review

What held back early medical advancement? superstition
Who described how blood circulates thru the body? William Harvey
Who discovered pasteurization? Louis Pasteur
Who discovered the smallpox vaccine? Edward Jenner
Who is the father of modern surgery? John Hunter
Who discovered the concept of antisepsis and that washing surgeon's hands and instruments were imperative in surgical outcomes? Joseph Lister
Who established the first nursing school? Florence Nightingale
Who established the Red Cross? Clara Barton
What is the difference between a disease and illness? Disease can be medically classified & has distinguishing features. Illness describes the condition of a person symptoms, and is not classified.
List some predisposing factors for a disease: heredity, age, gender, environment, lifesytle
All genetic information is contained in what? DNA
What is the basic unit of heredity? A gene
What type of gene is expressed only when the gene pair is homozygous? Recessive
A neoplasm that remains circumscribed and considered to be noncancerous is what? benign
A neoplasm that has ill-defined borders, spreads and is considered to be cancerous is what? malignant
What occurs when the body's immune system is inappropriate? An allergy
When the immune system is misdirected and turns on itself, it is called what? autoimmunity
When the immune system is inadequate, what is it called? immunodeficiency
If a person does not have adequate food it is called what? starvation
If food is available but not of adequate nutritional value, it causes what? malnutrition
What describes a disease with no known cause? idiopathic
What describes a disease caused by medical treatment? iatrogenic
What is a contusion? tissue along or beneath the surface of the brain is bruised (bleeding), and disrupts normal nerve function
What is a concussion? brain strikes and rebounds from the skull but does not cause bleeding
What is heatstroke? temperature mechanism malfunctions, stop sweating, skin is hot, dry and flushed, body temperature is high, medical emergency
What is heat exhaustion? skin is pale and clammy, still sweating, body temperature may still be normal.
What describes the body's response to trauma, physical agents, allergens, chemical agents or pathogens? inflammation
What are the 4 cardinal signs of inflammation? heat, pain, swelling, redness
What describes the invasion and growth of pathogenic microbes in the body? Infection
What is syncope? fainting
New growth or formations= neoplasm
What describes the tendency of the bodies systems to remain stable? homeostasis
What is the greatest risk with spinal trauma and neck injuries? paralysis and damaged to spinal cord
What is a disease caused by fungus and how is it treated? thrush or tinea pedis - anti-fungal
What is a disease caused by bacteria and how is it treated? TB - antibiotic Lyme disease - antibiotic
List a disease caused by a virus and how is it treated? H1N1 (swine flu) - antiviral West Nile - treatment is aimed at alleviating symptoms
Give an example of a disease that is caused by a protozoa? Malaria, African sleeping sickness
Give an example of a disease caused by rickettsiae? Rocky Mountain spotted fever
How are % of burns classified? The Rule of Nines
Describe 1st degree burns Kills superficial cells of the epidermis, Skin is red, painful and dry. No blisters
Describe 2nd degree burns kills epidermis and part of the dermis. Skin is red, blistered, and may be swollen
Describe 3rd degree burns kills epidermis,dermis and nerve endings and may damaged underlying bones,muscle, and tendons. Nerve endings are destroyed
What disease is known as the great masquerader? Malaria
What disease was spread to humans by a mosquito feeding of infected birds (New York)? West Nile
What is another name for smallpox Variola
What are the 3 forms of Anthrax? cutaneous intestinal inhalation - worst!
What bacterial infection is caused by the bite of an infected tick? Lyme disease
The common cold is caused by what? A virus
Is there a vaccine for Influenza (virus)? Yes
Escherichia coli (E-coli) is a bacterial infection that normally live where? intestinal tract
How can E-coli be transmitted? contaminated ground beef, undercooked ground beef, consuming unpasteurized milk and juices
What is VRE and its treatment? vancomycin-resistant enterocci - try to treat w/ antibiotics, patients must be isolated until 3 stool cultures are negative. Can live on surface for 7 days
What is MRSA? methicillin-resistant staph aureus - antibiotics
What is the biggest risk with infectious diarrhea? dehydration
What is another name for Rubella? German measles - vaccine MMR
Measles is a disease that is a virus and form what? What is another name for measles? Koplik's spots - Rubeola
What virus causes AIDS? HIV
What medication is used for AIDS? AZT
Normal T4 cells for healthy adult humans are 1000
A patient may be diagnosed with AIDS who are HIV positive when their T4 cells drops to? 200
How is Chronic Fatigue syndrome diagnosed? physical exam, have systoms for at least 6 months that dont go away with bed rest, severere enough to reduce daily activity by 50%
Erythema Infectiosum is another name for? Fifth disease
Chickenpox is another name for: Varicella - vaccine
Parotitis is another name for what? Mumps - vaccine
What disease causes swelling of the parotid, salivary gland? mumps
What is another name for whooping cough? Pertussis
What is a life-threatening infectious disease characterized by a membrane-like coating that forms over mucous membrane? Diptheria
What is a suspension of infectious agents, components of agents, or genetically engineered antigens? A vaccine
The h1N1 virus is a mixture of viruses typical among what? pigs, birds, humans
Is there a vaccine for H1N1? yes
What are the 3 forms of Botulism? food-bourne, wound and infant
Botulism is caused by the Botulinum toxin
What are some of the signs and symptoms of Botulism? depends on what type. blurred vision, slurred speech, dropping eyelids
What are the treatment options for Botulism? antitoxin, surgical removal of wounds
How may Botulism be prevented? proper food canning, wash foods, seek medical care
What are 2 forms of the plague? Bubonic & Pneumonic
What is the etiology of the plague? bacterial
How may the plague be prevented from spreading? antibiotic therapy, surgical masks
What are other names for Tularemia? Typhoidal, pneumonic, deer fever
Is Tularemia bacterial or viral? bacterial
What is the treatment or Tularemia? antibiotics
Describe what occurs with Viral Hemorrhagic fevers can cause massive vascular bleeding
How may VHF's derived? animals/insects
List some symptoms of VHF high fever, fatigue, muscle aches, bleeding, dizziness
What is the usual treatment for patients with VHF? isolation, antiviral drugs, support
What is the best way to prevent VHF? control rodent population, clean up of rodent droppings and nests
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