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God is my hero

God will rescue me from midterms

Temple/ Jerusalem Solomon's building project in Jerusalem; destroyed by Romans; later built again in "peoples' hearts" according to Jeremiah.
canticle/ magnificat song of praise, gratitude, and prophecy
kerygma faith proclamation
psalms/ Old Testament Psalms are found ONLY in the Old Testament
circumsion sign of Jewish faith
Presentation 40 days after boy is born to remind parents he is a gift from God... purification
Purification presentation 40 days after birth of Jewish girls
Bethlehem/David/Jesus City of David/ Jesus's birth place
New Testament Books 27
Simeon/ Anna in Luke represent those in Israel who accept the Messiah
Sanhedrin law-making body of 71 elders. supreme court of Judaism
Evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John- Promoters of the Good News.
Apocalyptic literature Focuses on the "end of time" - tied with eschatology.
Eschatology a belief and hope of salvation in the future
Aramaic language Jesus spoke
Covenant a solemn pact or binding agreement
doctrines official teaching of the Church
textual criticism study of biblical texts for accuracy
archaeology the scientific study of historic or prehistoric peoples and their cultures by analysis of their artifacts, inscriptions, monuments, and other such remains
Incarnation God becoming human through Jesus
parallel birth announcements in Luke Jesus and John the Baptist
Passover- why most important event? celebrates when death passed over the Israelites in Egypt and the freedom of the Hebrews
longest letter to first appear in New Testament Romans (Paul)
Gentiles non-Jews
God-fearers ppl who respect and worship
Scribes scholars
Sabbath day of rest to celebrate the day God rested
Hellenization the spread of Greek culture and customs
Theotokos godbearer, title of Mary
abba Aramaic word for father, used by Jesus and Paul to address God in a relation of personal intimacy.
Exodus Israelites flight from Egypt
Prophets messengers of God
cities where Gospel first took root Ephesus, Antioch, and Rome
literary forms of Gospel Creeds hymns and prayer formulas? or miracle stories, stories of conflict, parables, and true author?
genealogies of Luke and Matthew Luke traces back to Adam and Eve; Matthew traces back to David
3 was we can know Jesus personally? Scripture, the sacraments, other people, and prayer
3 gifts of the Magi- what? Symbolic of? 1. Gold- kingship- Jesus, heavenly kingdom; 2. Frankincense- Ascension- Jesus rises up to Heaven (like the smoke); 3. Myrrh- suffering & pain- Jesus' death
How is God revealed to us? God reveals himself in history through leader such as Abraham, Moses, and David. His full plan is revealed in Jesus Christ. Also, by following Jesus' example, we can grow closer to God, and learn more about Him. (Angles, prophets, and evangelists?)
Gospel formation- 3 Stages 1. Historical Stage- Jesus and Apsotles walking the Earth. He is executed and then rises from the dead; 2. Oral Preaching- early christians became missionaries, second coming; 3. Gospel-writing- need to create written record of Jesus
4 groups of people during Jesus' times 1. Sadducees- priestly, supporting Hasmoneans, Temple only; 2. Essenes- monasticlike community, society corrupt, Dead Sea Scrolls; 3. Pharisees- lay, synagogues, hated Hasmoneans; 4. Zealots- military, waiting for savior like King David
Difference between Knowing someone and knowing about someone: 1. Knowing someone- firsthand information, having a relationship with them; 2. Knowing about someone- secondhand information, knowing their existence
Why were the Samaritans scorned by the Judeans? Samaritans intermarried with Gentiles, created an alternate temple, and sabotaged Judean attempts at rebuilding Solomon's Temple
Literalists vs. Contextualists 1. Literalists- no errors in Bible, contradictions smoothed over by limits of the mind; 2. Contextualists- religious truth, NOT literal truth, Bible reveals God, but authors have a human dimension
Diaspora settling of scattered colonies of Judea outside Palestine after the Babylonian exile
Synoptic Gospels "Look alike": Matthew, Mark, and Luke
Canon Criteria to be included in official list
Infancy Narratives Lk- virgin Mary, Bethlehem, manger, shephards, Temple story; Mt- Herod, persection, flight to Egypt, return to Nazareth
Epistle letters (?)
Messiah "Annointed One"
Dogma statement of fath; indisposable
Pharisees lay; synagogues; disliked Hasmoneans
Sadducees priests; Temple; supported Hasmoneans
Zealots military; savior = king like David
Essenes monasticlike community; society was corrupt; Dead Sea Scrolls
Synagogues assemply places where Jews prayed, read Scripture, and listened to instructions that helped keep faith
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