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Med Term 131 - 2013

Med Term for KCTCS CLA 131 online

Ante- Before
Pre- Before
Epi- Above, upon
Hypo- Under, beneath, deficiency
Hyper- Above, excessive
Sub- Under
Inter- Between
Anti- Against
Intra- Within
Peri- Around
Supra- Above
De- Away from
Dextro- Right, correct
Sinistro- Left
Bi- Double, both
Gemin- Twin
Tri- Three
Quadri- Four
Pan- All
Syn/Sym- Together
Nocti/Nyct- Night
Post- After
Brachy- Short
Auto- Self
Cryo- Cold
Dura/Scirrh/Scler- Hard
Gyno/Gyneco- Female
Homeo- Unchanged
Neo- New
Ortho- Straight
Steno- Narrow, constricted
-algia/dynia Pain
-esthesia Sensation
-iasis Condition
-itis Inflammation
-ectasis Dilation, expansion
-oma Tumor
-malacia Softness
-ptosis Prolapse, downward displacement
-rrhea Discharge, flowing
-cele Hernia, swelling
-emesis Vomiting
-emia Blood
-gen/genesis Forming, producing, origin
-phasia Speech
-philia Attraction to
-phobia Fear of
-plasia Formation, growth
-plegia Paralysis, stroke
-poiesis Formation, production
-rrhage/rrhagia Bursting forth
-rrhexis Rupture
-stasis Static, stoppage
-stenosis Narrowing, stricture
-toxic Toxic
-trophy Development, nourishment
-lith Stone, calculus
-megaly Enlargement
-meter Measurement
-osis Abnormal condition
-pathy Disease
-penia Decrease, deficiency
-phagia Eating, swallowing
-centesis Surgical puncture
-plasty Surgical repair
-scope/scopy Look, observe
-ostomy Surgical creation of an opening
-otomy Incision
-opexy Surgica fixation
-lysis Separation, destruction
-tripsy Crushing
-graph Instrument of recording
-graphy Process of recording
-gram A record/writing
-ician Use to form nouns referring to a person associated with an area
-ology The study of an area
-ologist Specialist in an area
-oid Like, resembling
Cervix Neck (7 cervical vertebrae)
Thorax Chest (12 thoracic vertebrae)
Lumbar Abdominal segment (lumbar region, 5 lumbar vertebrae)
Sacrum Triangular bone inserted into wedge between hip bones (5 sacral vertebrae are fused to 1 bone)
Coccyx Tailbone, attached to sacrum (4 coccygeal vertebrae fused to 1 bone)
Superior Above, directed upward
Inferior Below, directed downward
Anterior/Ventral Front surface
Postarior/Dorsal Back surface
Dextral Right
Sinister Left
Lateral Pertaining to the side
Medial Pertaining to the middle
Peripheral Pertaining to circumference
Distal Away from center of a structure
Proximal Point nearest the center
Coronal/Frontal a. front side- anterior or ventral aspect b. back side- posterior or dorsal aspect
Transverse/Horizontal a. upper portion- superior aspect b. lower portion- inferior aspect
Sagittal a. sagittal plane- unequal left and right sides b. midsagittal plane- right and left halves
Created by: Cluubias2