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Path 25


How are "screen positive" results confirmed GC/MS (Gas Chromotography - Mass Spectrometry
When should you order a drug level 1) suspician of noncompliance, individual patient variation, altered drug utilization, compensation for an altered physiological state, drug interactions
What are some means of direct removal of the toxin emesis, whole bowel irrigation and stomach lavage, hemodialysis/hemoperfusion, activated charcoal
When do you need to give thiamine with chronic or acute ethanol use
What do you give to reverse dysrhythmias and hypotension in patients who fail to respont to atropine, epinephrine, dopamine etc. following beta-blocker, or calcium channel blocker induced bradycardia adn hypotension glucagon
what do you give to clear the body of methemoglobin methylene blue
What adrenergic effect does Clonidine have Alpha-2 adrenergic agonist
Hyperbaric oxygen is useful with what type of poisoning CO
CaEDTA is an atidote for? lead
2,3 dimercaptosuccinic acid is an antidote for? lead, arsenic, mercury
Naloxone reverses the effects of ? opiates and propoxyphene
N-acetylcystein is thought to work by? replenishing glutathione levels thus preventing liver damage following acetaminaphen overdose
What can you give with methanol poisoning ethanol (favored by liver enzymes over methanol)
What does 4-methylpyrazole do? specific inhibitor of alcohol dehydrogenase that has a higher affinity for the enzyme than methanol and ethylene glycol reducing production of toxic metabolites
What should you give to anemic patients taking isoniazid pyridoxine
What should you give to reverse the effect of acute anticholinergic poisonings by binding to Ach Physostigmine
what is a cholinesterase reactivator that reverses the inhibitory effect on the enzymes by organophosphate pesticides pralidoxime
What is the specific benzodiazepine receptor antagonist that reverses the effects of both long and short acting benzodiazepines flumazeni
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