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JLC 6th Grade SS Ch 7 Vocabulary

Amazon River World's second largest river located in South America
Amazon Rain Forest World's Largest Rain Forest
wetland an area of very moist soil, such as a swamp
biome a place that features specific kinds of climate, plants and animals.
scrub land areas of low-growing vegetation
archipelago a group of islands
Pantanal the world's largest wetland located in South America
Andes Mountain A mountain range 4,500 miles long located in South America's western edge.
Altiplano a region of plateaus and plains high in the mountains.
Peru Ancient civilization of Chavin was located here in the Andes Mountains.
Chavin Civilization located in the Andes Mountains in modern day Peru that was famous for their influential and fantastic art style.
Moche Valley Ancient civilization located in the river valley between the mountains of Peru and in the dry coast of Peru.
Machu Picchu Much of what we know about the Inca came from this mountaintop archaeological site.
Manco Capac First Inca Ruler
Pachacuti Brave Inca leader who rallied his people to defeat Chancas. Treated conquered people fairly so they would join him and keep empire strong.
Francisco Pizarro Spanish explorer who defeated the Inca Empire
quipu ropes of various lengths and colors used by Inca as a method to keep records.
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