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Pharmacology ch1-5

Pharmacology Glossar of Key Words

Physical or pyschological dependence on a drug with an increase of dosage for desired effects (tolerance) and withdrawal symptoms when deprived of the drug is addiction
Medications used to treat obesity(appetite suppressants) are called anorexiants
Medications used to treat malignancies(chemotherapy) are called antineoplastics
Medications used to inhibit the growth of microorganisms are called antiseptics
Inhibiting the growth of bacteria (preservative) is called bacteriostatic
The inside diameter of a needle is called the bore(gauge)
As the # of the gauge increases the size of the needle bore decreases
A small intravenous needle with plastic wings is called a butterfly needle
Reason(s) why a medication should NOT be administered is called a contraindication
Agents used to kill microorganisms are called disinfectants
Insulin is measured in units(U)
Other medications measured in units(U) include 1.heparin 2.Vitamins 3.Injectable penicillin(PCN)
Periodic doses of a drug to maintain therapeutic level are called maintenance doses
Medications used to constrict the pupil(miosis) are called miotics
Medications used to dilate the pupil(mydriasis) are called mydriatics
A blood test to indicate the highest serum level of a drug is called the peak level
A blood test to indicate the lowest serum level of a drug is called the trough level
Medications used to prevent an occurrence are called prophylactics
Prophylactic medications include: 1. Birth Control Pills (BCPs or OCPs) 2. Antibiotics 3. Vaccines
Vaccines are AKA inoculations or immunizations
A standardized written plan of treatment is called protocol
Determining the smallest dosage that will produce a therapeutic effect is called titration (titrate)
Medications used to increase the size of the blood vessels are called vasodilators
Medications used to decrease the size of the blood vessels are called vasopressors (vasoconstrictors)
Vasodilators cause hypotension
Vasoconstrictors (vasopressors) cause hypertension
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