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Pharm. chap 3

Pharmacology Drug Forms Chapter 3

A tablet that has an indented line running across the top is called scored
A tablet designed to dissolve in a glass of water before being swallowed is called effervescent
Tablets covered with a special coating that prevents stomach upset are called enteric (disolves in the intestines and not the stomach--for meds that upset stomachs)
An enteric coated ASA (aspirin) is called Ecotrin
The classifications of ASA (aspirin) include: 1. Non-narcotic analgesic (no pain) 2. NonSteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID) 3. Antipyretic (against fever/adults only-never give children aspirin) 4. Anticoagulant (against clotting)
Medications that disintegrate slowly into a liquid form that releases the drug topically into the mouth and throat is called a lozenge, troche, or pastille
The term used to describe a liquid with a watery consistency is aqueous
The term used to describe a thick liquid is viscous
A small bottle containing injectable medication with a RUBBER diaphragm at the bottle neck for needle insertion is called a vial
A small slender container with a narrow neck which houses injectable liquids is called a ampule (Amp)
Liquid medications that contain alcohol (ETOH) are called elixirs (elix.) or tinctures
Liquid medications that contain no alcohol but are a concentrated solution of sugar, water and flavorings are called syrups(syp.)
Fat globules dispersed throughout a water base is called a emulsion
Drug particles dispersed throughout a thickened water base is called a gel
Undissolved particles of a medication to be mixed with a liquid(water) just before use is called a SUSPension(susp.)
Since the particles will settle, suspensions must be shaken well before use
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