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HIT 216 Management

Key Terms Chapters 1-3

Continous monitoring the regular & frequent assessment of healthcare processes and their outcomes & related costs
leadership the senior governing, administrative and management groups of a healthcare organization that are responsible for setting the mission & overall strategic direction of the organization
opportunity for improvement a healthcare structure,product,service,process,or outcome that does not meet it's customers' expectations and therefore could be improved
performance improvement team(PI) members of healthcare organization who have formed a functional or cross-functional group to examine a performance issue & make recommendations with respect to its improvement
process redesign the steps in which focused data are collected and analyzed, the process is changed to incorporate the knowledge gained from the data collected, the new process is implemented,and the staff is educated about the new process
OI toolbox techniques tools that facilitate the collection,display,& analysis of data & information & that help team members stay focused including cause & effect diagrams, graphic presentations and others
Benchmark standard of performance or best practice
affinity diagram a graphic tool used to organize and prioritize ideas after a brainstorming session
bechmarking the systematic comparison of the products, services, and outcomes of one organization with those of a similar organization, or the systemic comparison of one organization's outcomes with regional or national standards
brainstorming an idea-generation technique in which a team leader solicits creative input from team leaders
normal group technique a quality improvement technique that allows groups to narrow the focus of discussion or make decisions without becoming involved in extended, circular discussions
outcome measure a measure that indicates the result of the performance (or nonperformance) of a function or process
outcomes the results of care, treatment, and services in terms of the patient's expectations,needs, and quality of life, which may be positive and apporopiate or negative and diminishing
performance measurement the indicator of a healthcare organization's performance in relation to a specified process or outcome
performance measures a quantitative tool that provides an indication of an organization's performance in relation to a specified process or outcome ( ex. ratio, rate,index,or percentage)
process measure a measure that focuses on a process that leads to a certain outcome,meaning that a scientific basis exists for believing that the process,when executed well, will increase the probability of achieving a desired outcome
sentinel event an unexpected occurrence involving death or serious physical or physiological injury, or the risk thereof. The phrase "or risk thereof" includes any process variation for which a recurrence would carry a significant chance of serious adverse outcome
systems the foundations of care giving, which include building(environmental services),equipment(technical services),professional staff(human services), and appropriate policies(administrative systems)
action plan a set of initiatives that are to be undertaken to achieve a performance improvement goal
agenda a list of tasks to be accomplished during a meeting
Blitz team a type of performance improvement(PI) team that constructs relatively simple and quick fixes to improve a work process without going through the complete PI cycle
cross-functional a term used to describe an entity or activity that involves more than one healthcare department, service area, or discipline
functional a term used to describe an entity or activity that involves a single healthcare department, service, or discipline
ground rules an agreement concerning attendance, time management, participation, communication, decision making, documentation, room arrangements, cleanup, & so forth that has been developed by performance improvement team members at the initiation of the team's work
mission statement a written statement that sets forth the core purpose of an organization or performance improvement team, an expression of what already exists,the generation of a mission statement usually precedes the formation of the organization's overall goals
performance improvement council the leadership group that oversees performance improvement activities in some healthcare organizations
team charter a document that explains the issues the team was initiated to address, describes the team's goal or vision, and lists the initial members of the team and their respective departments
team facilitater a PI team role primarily responsible for ensuring that an effective PI process occurs by serving as advisor and consultant to the PI team, remaining neutral, nonvoting member;suggesting alternative Pi methods and processes to keep the team on target
team leader a PI improvement team role responsible for championing the effectiveness of PI activities in meeting customer's needs &for the content of a team's work
team member a PI team role responsible for participating in team decision making and plan development;identifying opportunities for improvement;gathering,prioritizing,& analyzing data;and sharing knowledge,information, & data that pertain to the process under study
team recorder of scribe a PI team role responsible for maintaining the record's of a team's work during meetings,including any documentation required by the organization
timekeeper a PI team role responsible for notifying the team during meetings of time remaining on each agenda item in an effort to keep the team moving forward on its PI project
values statement describes the values & standards governing the operation of the organization & its relationship with customers, suppliers,employees, the local community, & other stakeholders
vision statment describes what the organization or PI team initiative will look like in the future;also describes some milestone the organization or PI team will reach in the future
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