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Influenza- Blue

Viral infections of the respiratory tract, Influenza 1/9/13

What makes Orthomyxoviruses different from other RNA viruses It replicates in the nucleus (only other one is HIV)
Each segment of a Orthomyxovirus contains how many genes 1- this promotes mixing and new viruses
Two primary surface proteins in Orthomyxovirus Hemagglutinin and Neuraminidase
Hemagglutinin is responsible for Absorption to cell receptors, the "attachement" protein
Which protein is the site for antibody response HA
Which protein undergoes the most antigenic variation? HA
What is the attachment site for HA Sialic acid
Target protein for antivirals? NA
Which antigen is responsible for typing of influenza? S-Ag
Animal known as the "mixing vessel" between avian flu and human flu Pig
Antigenic drift Gradual, small changes in hemagglutinin and/or Neuramoinidase at a single antigenic determinants, due to point mutations
Antigenic shift Abrupt, following dual infections, major change in many or all antigenic determinants of HA or NA
Intragenomic recombination Crossover
Intergenomic recombination Segment exchange between animal and human virus
Highest incidence of Orthomyxoviruses Age 5-14, winter months
Spread mechanism of Orthomyxoviruses Respiratory droplets
Length of immunity in Orthomyxoviruses 2-4 years due to IgA
Orthomyxovirus vaccination includes what 2 type A and one type B strains
Zanamivir and Oseltamivir are used for Theraputics for Orthomyxoviruses to inhibit viral NA
Amatadine and Rimantidine are not effective against H1N1
Created by: mcasto