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Viral infections of the Lower respiratory tract, Blue, 1/10/13

Major cause of Croup Human Parainflueza Virus
Croup symptoms Voice loss, inspiratory stridor, "seal bark" cough, Steeple sign
Croup onset Slow onset
Epiglottitis onset Rapid (within hours)
Peak incidence of Croup Late autumn through winter
Spreading mechanism of croupParainflu Respiratory droplets
Which antibodies are responsible for the prevention and recovery of Croup IgA
Parainfluenza type 1 and 2 is commonly found in which season Winter
Parainfluenze type 3 is mostly found is which season Summer
Respiratory Syncytial Virus is most significant in Newborns
Peak age of Respiratory syncytial virus 2 months
Preventatives for RSV Respigam and palivizumab
Hantavirus is spread by Deer mouse and cotton rat vector, inhalation of fecal dust (YUCK!!)
Fatality rate of Hantavirus 50%
Created by: mcasto