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7 Religion Culture

Review of Culture & Religion Standards

Founded in India by Siddhartha Gautama. Belief in reincarnation, 4 Noble Truths, and 8-Fold Path. Buddhism
Founded in China. Belief system that sets rules for proper personal behavior and good government. Belief in 5 Relationships, texts include 4 Books, and 5 Classics Confucianism
Founded in India by Aryan Vedic civilization, belief in karma and all life is sacred, text include Vedas & Upanishads Hinduism
Founded in Saudi Arabia by Mohammad, practice the 5 Pillars, and read Quran Islam
Primary religion of Japan, believe in 4 Affirmations and spirit in all things Shinto
Founded in the Middle East by Abraham, the oldest monotheistic religion, believe in God's covenant with Abraham. Judaism
Founded that grew out of Judaism after the birth of Jesus, follow the 10 commandments and believe in resurrection of Jesus after his crucifixion Christianity
Most dominant ethnic group in the Middle East and spread to Northern Africa. Speak Arabic and mosts practice Islam Arabs
African culture found in modern day Ghana. Believe in a traditional religion that includes s Golden Stool and a supreme god(Nayme) whose children (the Abosom)represent the powers of nature Ashanti
Part of the largest migration of people in history, this group is considered more a language group Bantu
Ethnic group that developed along the east coast of Africa whose culture blended with Arab and Persian traders. Speak Kiswahili and most practice Islam Swahili
Descended from Indo-European and live primarily in Iran. Speak Farsi and most practice Islam Persians
Ethnic group that lives primarily in the mountainous regions of Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq and speak Kurdish. Most are Sunni Muslims. Hope to establish their own country Kurds
Believe that whoever was most qualified and could keep the community together should become leader of the Muslims after Muhammad's death Sunni Muslim
Supported appointing a descendent of Muhammad as leader of the Muslim community after Muhammad's death Shia Muslim
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