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Obiol- Ancient Rome

patricians wealthy landowner and member of the ruling class in Ancient Rome
plebeians member of the common people in ancient Rome
aqueduct human-made channel built to carry water
Pax Romana long era of peace and safety in the Roman empire
reform change that tries to bring about an improvement
Plebeians could not marry Patricians or serve in a government office
Patrician and Plebeian men could be Roman citizens
Colosseum arena that could hold 60,000 people
Justinian emperor of Byzantine empire who wanted to reunite the Roman empire
Latin became the basis of many modern European languages
Romulus and Remus legend says these brothers founded Rome
Twelve tables Rome's first written laws
Rights and Responsibilities of Roman citizens vote, pay taxes, serve in army
Octavian changed name to Augustus when he became emperor
Roman currency helped Rome's trade
a form of government in which the leader is put into office by citizens with the right to vote republic
Why did the Plebeians think they should have equal rights? they fought in the army and paid taxes
1,000 years about how long the Byzantine empire lasted
silk weaving became a major industry in the Byzantine Empire
Odoacer took control historians say this event marks the fall of Rome
How did the Plebeians convince the Patricians they should have more rights? by going on strike and leaving the city
people started to barter What happened when Roman coins lost value?
Empress Theodora helped women gain more rights
First Triumvirate Crassus, Pompey, and Julius Caesar
Second Triumvirate Octavian, Antony, and Lepidus
Battle of Actium Antony and Cleopatra killed themselves after facing Octavian at the ____________________________.
Invaders from the north helped to bring the decline of the Roman Empire
One effect of the decline of Rome was the Empire was divided into east and west
As a result of Rome being divided, the east continued to grow and flourish for 1,000 more years
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