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Essential vocabulary for NYS Regents

Adolph Hitler Fascist dictator of Germany who started WWII
Axis and Allies The two sides in WWII. German led Axis, US led Allies
Imperialism the complete control of a weaker nation’s social, economic, and political life by a stronger nation. (Industrial Revolution)
Militarism belief that the strenth of a country rests in the power of its military.
Bad Nationalism belief that your group is superior to all others (racism)
Nuclear Weapons bombs that use the energy stored in atoms to create a huge explosion. first dropped by US on Japan. Helped to end war, but created more danger!
Treaty of Versailles Treaty that ended WWI, but it was bad that it helped create WWII Made Germany pay for WWI, and give up weapons.
United Nations Global Organization created after WWII to maintain world peace and protect human rights.
WWI The first modern world war (1914-1918), saw the use of many new and dangerous weapons
Totalitarianism 20th century political system--similar to Absolute Monarchy, but ruled by a dictator.
Holocaust Adolph Hitler, Nazi Dictator of Germany, led the murder of over 12 million Jews, Gypsies and others, during WWII.
Anti-Semitism a prejudice against Jews. This belief was a major reason no one tried to stop the Holocaust.
Fascism the political system used by Hitler’s Nazi’s. It supports militarism, loyalty, and limiting of people’s rights. Started by Mussolini
Concentration Camp Jews were transported from cities to these places of death on rail cars. Once there, they were gassed and burned in ovens.
Pearl Harbor The US Naval Base in Hawaii attacked by Japan on 12/7/1941. This marked our entry in WWII
Hiroshima the first of two cities bombed by the US with the Atomic bomb (Nuclear Weapon).
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