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URespiratory- Blue

Viral infections of the respiratory tract, upper respiratory tract 1/4/13

Major Upper Respiratory Tract illnesses Common cold, sinusitis, otitis media, pharyngitis, laryngitis, conjunctivitis
Number one Viral cause of common cold Rhinovirus
Number of Rhinovirus strains Over 100
Immunity between strands of rhinovirus No cross-protective immunity, short lived immunity (IgA)
How is rhinovirus spread Respiratory droplets, especially hands to face
Most effective preventative measure for rhinovirus hand washing
Most frequent reason for misuse of antibiotics Rhinovirus
What is responsible for MOST symptoms in a common cold Inflammatory mediators
Inflammatory mediators in a common cold Histamine, prostaglandins, kinins, cytokines
Histamine causes Dilation of blood vessels, nasal congestion and plasma exudate, activation of sneeze and cough reflexes
Prostaglandins cause Mucous gland secretions
Kinins cause Stimulation of pain nerve fibers (sore throat)
Cytokines cause Headache, fever, chills, shivers, muscle aches
What does mucous color tell us about the difference between a viral and bacterial infection Nothing
Rhinovirus attachment site is found in a Canyon on the virus surface
Which antibody is responsible for recovery and immunity? IgA
Preventative value of Vit C and Zinc? None
Coronavirus characteristics ssRNA and enveloped
Cause of common cold AND SARS Coronovirus
Virus that can cause persistent infection and therefor prolonged infectivity Adenovirus
Pharyngoconjunctival fever is spread through Swimming pools
Diagnosis used for URTI Detections of specific IgM, rise in IgG titer; isolation of virus from naso-pharyngeal, sputum and ocular secretions; PCR
When are respiratory infections in children most common Winter
ARD was found commonly and is now vaccinated against in Military recruits on bases
ARD and Keratoconjuctivitis occur in Epidemics
How are URTIs transmitted respiratory aerosols (cover your mouth!)
Adenovirus can also be transmitted by Fecal-oral (ewww)
Treatment of URTI Symptomatic only
Created by: mcasto